How does SHC deliver 30% more Rheumatologists?


SHC Access with the HUB Study

Understand attiudes, usage, brand perception and future prescribing habits of high prescribing Rheumatologists of a current treatment in the rheumatic disease category. 


  • Client provided list: 2,000 Rheumatologists
  • Length of Interview: 45 minutes
  • Geography: US
  • Quota: 200 Rheumatolgists



  1. SHC developed a stragetic marketing plan to entice respondents -- inclusive  of a personal reminder campaign and multi-mode recruitment
  2. SHC offered a higher incentive to potential respondents in order to drive survey traffic and increase response rates 
  3. SHC utilized our proprietary HUB technology solution to maximize available sample without worry of respodent duplication.The HUB allows for all simulataneous and multiple partners, while ensuring that all potential respodents are provided equal oppurunity to participate.


  • SHC provided a worry free data collection solution to our client 
  • SHC completed 271 interviews - 36% more than the client requested from the target list 
  • SHC streamlined the recruitment strategies to maximize the list potential

136% Completes Returned  

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