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Market Assessment of the Online Gaming Industry in Europe

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The objective of this study was to create a full understanding of the Online Gaming Industry market landscape in the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. The study aimed to understand the online game market infrastructure, market trends, distribution structure and to build a profile database of the Primary online game companies in the regions.


SIS conducted secondary data collection  utilizing online sources and media, online publication, print publications, peer reviewed journals, statistical database, economic databases, private databases, company websites, public financial records,  consumer blogs,  news media, social media, etc.


Online Game Market Infrastructure 

  • Number of Internet users, penetration rate
  • Number of x DSL users, penetration rate
  • Penetration rate for PC
  • Future growth (prospects) – Government supporting, expansion of telecommunication networks, etc.

Online Game Market Trends

  • Number of online game users, Utility rate, and Growth rate
  • Genre of online games in targeted market (ex. MMORPG, casual game):The statistics are required.  
  • Online game market size (be based on the amounts)
  • Researching statistics (even estimated) is reasonably required. If possible to calculate the statistics be categorized by type of distribution markets, please do research accordingly. 
  •  Primary online game market status
  • In top 5 ranked online game titles, Development Company, Service companies’ information, Utilization status (number of users, etc.), amount of monthly use, yearly sales turnover, etc.   

Online Game Market Distribution structure

  • Value Chain Structure (connecting Publisher, Developer, PC rooms, and End user)
  • Typical (representative) telecommunication network Company
  • Direction of business, roles/activities in distribution structure
  • Current status of Profit sharing (Publisher : Developer)
  • Utilization (way of use) of game
  • Main place of using game (PC rooms, house, school, etc.)
  • Terms of payment: prepaid card, Partial Subscription, etc.

Primary Online Game - Profiles

  •  Identify Publisher  and Developer
  • Profile Publishers and Developers main business context/structure, roles/activities and contact information

Company profile

SIS International Research

SIS International Research

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Telephone: (212) 505-6805
About SIS International Research: SIS International Research, founded in 1984, is a leading full-service Market Research and Market Intelligence firm.

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