Projective technique for qualitative research expected to become industry standard.

For years, to better engage research participants for qualitative group studies, researchers have asked respondents to produce a collage of their favorite product, service or issue to be discussed in the group session.  The technique allowed participants to express feelings or perceptions about the subject that were often difficult to put into words, while giving researchers a visual component to share in their post-study reporting to clients.

But collages were cumbersome, tedious and at times couldn't be easily integrated online for use in the study.  Besides, what do you do with all that paper?   Many researchers felt these concerns and costs outweighed a collage's benefit and decided to forgo this research step.

Enter 20|20 Research – and all that has changed.

The global research technology and service company launched an online research collage tool named QualLage (after their industry standards QualBoard® and QualMeeting™) which should make it easy for researchers to better prepare and engage qualitative research participants, while yielding a more vivid report enhancement to help researchers communicate a study to clients and marketers.

"For years, researchers have asked us to develop a collaging tool that would add depth to qualitative group studies while being easy and inexpensive," said Jim Bryson, CEO, 20|20 Research.  "The challenge was that most researchers were simply not willing to pay for it.  But because of its value as a projective technique, we decided to develop a basic, cost-effective, digital collage program that would elevate the research effort while eliminating the need for cutting down all those trees.  And we decided to give it away -- sort of our gift to the research industry.  We hope researchers will feel free to use it to improve their learning from respondents."

20|20's QualLage will be available in two packages, a basic tool that will be free to any researcher any time, anywhere for use in-person or with any online platform, and a premium version with enhancements that will be available to 20|20 Research clients. 

Using the platform is simple. With the tool open on their computer, the user simply clicks and drags the appropriate graphics onto the collage board and resizes or repositions them as necessary.  The software accommodates as many -- or as few -- graphics/photos as desired.      

Importantly, the completed collage can be emailed to the group or researcher and integrated online or into digital reports for clients after the group is completed.

This content was originally published by 20|20 Research - Nashville . Visit their website at www.2020research.com.

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