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20|20 Research has launched the next iteration tool that takes the emotion insights product beyond the limits of a "central location facility."

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 15, 2014)  -- Facial coding now has legs.

Two months after making Affectiva's facial coding technology available at any and all focus group facilities in the world, U.S.-based market research technology and service firm 20|20 Research has launched the next iteration tool that takes the emotion insights product beyond the limits of a "central location facility."

With the launch today of Affdex Discovery™ Online, facial coding can now go literally anywhere there is a computer with a webcam and the internet.  It no longer needs to be tethered to a physical facility.

20|20 Research becomes the first company to offer global researchers this advantage.

"Facial coding is an exciting research development that is greatly helping marketers ensure their advertising and video media are spot-on and effective before they launch campaigns," said Jim Bryson, founder and CEO of 20|20 Research.  "With the tool we're launching today, we're increasing the reach of this new technology to an ever-growing number of researchers who use online and appreciate how it can save them both time and money while delivering richer intelligence."

Using sophisticated technologies developed at MIT and packaged by Waltham, Mass technology company Affectiva, Affdex Discovery Online uses facial expression recognition software and a computer's webcam to detect and identify emotional reactions to ads and video messages.  With this positive or negative feedback, moderators can immediately and accurately probe the meaning behind the respondent's reaction and uncover raw emotional insights.  That knowledge aids marketers in better refining product positioning or messaging.

Following its May 2014 product launch, 20|20 updated both process and structure of the initial Affdex Discovery product to make the tool more adaptable and available via either 20|20's QualBoard (threaded bulletin board that replicates face-to-face research) or QualMeeting (real-time webcam interviewing and online focus groups) platform.   Researchers can choose either method to deliver the Affdex Discovery Online technology to respondents.  

20|20 handles all technology, training, recruiting and project support during the project, freeing researchers to focus solely on the research.           

"This development should make ad testing even more convenient and effective for researchers, their clients and respondents," Bryson said.  "If they need respondents in multiple countries, have a tricky time frame, a tight travel budget or they require live interviewing for probing and follow-up, this tool can address those situations and more.  Not to mention the insights it will bring to refining ads or video messages. "              

About 20¦20 Research
20|20 Research is a global leader in the development, support and service of online qualitative market research... and the software and technology that sustains it.  Founded in 1986, the company works with market research and advertising firms around the world, with projects in more than 122 countries and 20+ languages.  The past three years it has been named one of the most innovative research firms in the world by GreenBook Research Industry Trends, a top arbiter of the market research industry.  The firm's operations are headquartered in Nashville and the company additionally maintains traditional focus group facilities in Nashville, Charlotte and Miami.


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