20/20 Research Names CEO of Tech Subsidiary

Chief Innovation Officer to lead 20|20 Research tech subsidiary.

Isaac Rogers, chief innovation officer for global research technology and service company 20|20 Research, has been named CEO of the company's tech subsidiary, 20|20 Technology.  

Rogers will lead the efforts and operations of the company that develops and implements the technologies offered by parent company 20|20 Research.

"Since joining 20|20, Isaac has been instrumental in the development and launch of a number of cutting-edge qualitative research tools for us, as well as helped chart the course for the next-generation of 20|20’s international online research platforms," said Jim Bryson, Founder and President, 20|20 Research.  

"He's innovative, in tune with both the market and our customers and will do an excellent job leading this critical business unit."

The move will free up Bryson to focus more on overall planning, strategy, strategic partnerships and industry involvement for 20|20 Research.  Bryson will continue to hold his Founder and President title at the parent company.

Since joining 20|20 in 2008, Rogers has successfully led the effort to apply new techniques and technology to the traditional qualitative research field, helping turn the 29-year-old research company into a global leader with products now being used by 650+ clients in over 120 countries and in 24 languages.

Rogers previously held management positions in business intelligence consulting, e-commerce and government technology..  As a former client-side research purchaser, he also has implemented qualitative research projects from “the other side of the glass." Married with two children, Rogers holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University.


About 20¦20 Research

20|20 Research is a global leader in the development, support and service of online qualitative marketing research... and the software and technology that sustains it.  Founded in 1986, the company works with marketing research and advertising firms around the world, with projects in more than 122 countries and 30+ languages.  The past three years it has been named one of the most innovative research firms in the world by GreenBook Research Industry Trends, a top arbiter of the marketing research industry.  The firm's operations are headquartered in Nashville and the company additionally maintains traditional focus group facilities in Nashville, Charlotte and Miami and a European office in London, England.  www.2020research.com


This content was originally published by 20|20 Research - Nashville . Visit their website at www.2020research.com.

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