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[WEBINAR] Agile Creative Development

Make sure the right creative gets to air by bringing the consumer into the conversation early and often.

  • The webinar is Presented by GreenBook

  • August 27 2015 1 PM - 1 AM

Join Ryan Barry of ZappiStore as he discuss how ZappiStore partnered with LGE to leverage insight automation to iteratively test creative ideas from multiple agencies and sources from the development of ideas, to animatic, to final film to ensure that LGE brought the right advertising to air in the US for their newly launched G4 advertising campaign. By leveraging research automation, LGE was able to turn around research results in sub-24 hours for a fraction of the cost of a traditional copy test, making it possible to not just test finished film, but to evaluate the concept along the way to make improvements and ensure the right execution went to air.

You will learn:

  • How to use MR automation to do high quality research quickly and at a low cost
  • How to iteratively develop creative advertising
  • How to use MR tools to collaborate across continents and various agency partners


Senior Vice President, North America

Ryan has been providing custom research solutions to support quantitative and qualitative research for fortune 500 brands and leading insights agencies for the better part of the last decade. Ryan leads ZappiStore’s North American business with a focus on helping both corporate and agencies learn more iteratively through the power of automation and data visualization to allow more time focusing on business impact and less time collecting and analyzing data. Ryan serves as the President of the New England Market Research Association and owns a dog care company, Wicked Happy Dogs with his wife in Boston.


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