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BDI Research, a leading data collection and research services provider in Spain, owned by Schlesinger Group, has opened a new and larger facility in Madrid to accommodate increased client demand in this market.

Schlesinger Group has opened a new and larger facility in Madrid to accommodate increased client demand in this market.

The facility, located in the famous Salamanca district of Central Madrid, offers three studios for focus groups, mini-groups, and in-depth interviews, and product tests.   Features include a four-room research suite with balcony views over the Calle de Velázquez, client lounges, high-specification technology including HD recording with on-demand access.

Rosa Dalet, Managing Director, BDI Research commented, “We are thrilled to launch this elegant new research space designed in a classic/contemporary style with comfort convenience and security in mind for our clients.  Our experienced and knowledgeable facility and recruitment team, with an uncompromising commitment to client success, complement this space for an exceptional qualitative research experience. “

Eric Nalpas, Managing Director of Schlesinger Europe added, “This expansion in our Madrid market follows the success of our BDI Research acquisition a year ago and the broad research capabilities of our team in Spain.  This investment underscores our continued commitment to delivering the highest quality research solutions for our local and international clients.”


Schlesinger Group is a leading data collection company offering a broad range of qualitative and quantitative solutions worldwide and delivering high-quality recruitment and research services for any methodology.  Schlesinger Group has research offices in the US, UK, France, Spain and Germany.

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