CFMC becomes Survox

New Corporate Identity Reflects Innovations in Respondent Targeting for Phone-Based Market Research and Opinion Polling.

CFMC’s respondent targeting and survey automation platform powers many of the world’s most advanced phone research operations. As the industry has evolved, so has the company’s go-to-market strategy and now the company is reflecting that change by rebranding its corporate identity to Survox, Inc. “In the age of big data, decision makers need solutions that deliver rapid insights. Our Survox® solutions streamline respondent recruitment and data collection to simplify data analysis,” said Mary McDougall, President and CEO of Survox. “The move aligns the company behind our major brand and supports our efforts to democratize phone-based research for the enterprise.”

Survox | Focus on Innovation

Survox solutions deliver early, accurate insights and enable customers to meet quota quickly and cost effectively. “Our rich technology platform, which has made the company #1 in phone research automation, can be operated standalone or as a complement to online survey solutions,” McDougall said. “By offering this multi-mode capability, we enable market researchers and opinion polling organizations to reach their desired demographic more quickly and cost effectively to inform better decision making.” Beyond the name change, Survox is also increasing its commitment to R&D with significant private investment to continue to open its platform for mixed vendor, mixed-mode research. “This investment and focus help Survox provide greater value to market research call centers and offer new capabilities for enterprise Voice of the Customer (VOC) and Voice of the Employee (VoE) programs,” said Jason Kagel, VP Engineering. “When combined with online survey research, Survox precision targeting and respondent recruitment speeds the data collection process and shortens time-to-insight.”

Customers have also embraced the company’s commitment to innovation and see this reflected in the new name. "Now more than ever researchers and data collection companies need multifaceted ways to reach respondents. Survox reflects this change and is leading the way with sophisticated, cloud-based telephony solutions,” states Jeffrey Welch, President and COO, Zylun Insights. “Survox delivers the power to complete the most nuanced research projects, and in ways that meet today's more heavily regulated business environment."

Survox |The Name

Survox products enable phone-based research and include the Survox Multi-Mode Platform, Survox Phone, Survox IVR, and Survox Dialer. In addition, the Survox |Qualtrics Multi-mode integration enables Qualtrics users to employ phone survey methods to quickly target and reach respondents, streamlining data collection across both phone and web-based channels.

The first part of the name, “Sur”, represents the method of market research that we optimize, which is surveys, and “Vox” signifies the voice of the customer, employee, or citizen. “Vox” also indicates our specialty of voice-based data collection. With the proliferation of smartphones, it's important to provide your targeted respondent with a choice of engagement methods.

About Survox Survox® respondent targeting and phone data collection solutions empower decision makers using market research or public opinion polling to gain fast, accurate insights from a precise set of respondents. We provide a unified platform for respondent recruitment and multi-channel survey execution across a mix of modes – phone, online, and IVR – and vendor solutions. The Survox solution delivers real-time, operational control, which helps researchers complete projects quickly and cost effectively. Visit .


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