Dialsmith and Presentation Testing Announce Merger, Launch of New Business Venture Engagious®

Dialsmith and Presentation Testing Announce Merger, Launch of New Business Venture Engagious®

Dialsmith, developers and service providers for the market research industry’s leading dial testing technology, and research-based communications consultancy Presentation Testing, have announced a merger and the launch of a new business venture, Engagious.  

Rich Thau, president of Engagious and former president and co-founder of Presentation Testing, describes the new business venture as a re-brand and expansion of the Presentation Testing research consultancy. Additionally, Thau adds, “Engagious will have the technical acumen of our (now) in-house Dialsmith technical team to gather and analyze valuable audience insights through in-person and online dial testing research, resulting in all phases of the consulting process—from research to analysis to insights to implementation—now being available to our clients, all under one roof.”  

Presentation Testing’s legacy included advising leaders in Congress and their staffs, presidential campaigns, and corporate executives on how to improve their messaging with recommendations that have shaped national debates over major public policy, including Social Security, Medicare, tax reform and others.

Moving forward, Engagious will focus on helping a broader range of organizations and companies develop and refine highly impactful and engaging content, messages and narratives for media engagement, corporate communications, keynote and investor presentations, advertising effectiveness, product marketing, public policy and more. Dialsmith will remain its own distinct group, focusing on what it always has, delivering top-notch dial testing technologies and services to its research clients and partners.

David Paull, co-founder and CEO of Engagious and Dialsmith adds, “Engagious is very much a ‘1+1 = 3 venture.’ When we first started talking about this, we challenged ourselves to come up with ways to bring greater value to our clients than either of our companies have done on their own. My experience is in tools and technologies for learning what people think in the moment, as they think it, before memory bias and groupthink set in. Rich’s experience is in using those tools, as well as his years of messaging expertise and intuition, to learn what will resonate with people, and what won’t and why; and how to craft and deliver a winning message. In the end, it was a natural fit.”

Engagious has offices on the East Coast (New York City) and the West Coast (Portland, Oregon) as well as a location in London.

About Engagious
Engagious combines research, science, psychology, and storytelling to develop and refine high-impact communications that connects and engages. Leveraging on-the-spot dial testing analysis, probing interview questions, and the latest behavioral science research, Engagious finds out what audiences are thinking, what persuades and resonates with them, and what 

does not. 

Since 2002, corporations, trade associations, advocacy groups, and think tanks have relied on our expertise, formerly as Presentation Testing, and now as Engagious. Our team has conducted groundbreaking research in media, public policy, technology, consumer products, renewable energy, and more. Learn more at www.engagious.com


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