How long is long interview? (Keeping respondents engaged, the tricks of the trade)

How long is long interview? (Keeping respondents engaged, the tricks of the trade)

Interviews generally act as a time of revelation, but whether the interview is successful or unsuccessful depends largely on the preparations undertaken.

Role of Interviews in Market Research Companies

In a market research interview, the role of interview script acts as a key component. The structure as well as the design of the interview script is the main deciding factor in determining the usage and quality of the data produced.

Characteristics Defining a Good Interview from a Bad One

Though the method of conducting interview might be the same, certain specific characteristics differentiates good interviews from a bad one.

Conducting good interviews is an art developed over years of practice by adopting the certain norms:

  • Personal Sensitivity
  • Adaptability
  • Adhering to the intended set of rules

By adopting the above norms, marketing companies can hope to have not only a challenging but also a rewarding interview.

Tips and Tricks for Drafting a Good Interview Script and Keeping Respondents Engaged

An interviewer’s job is very tricky as it is not only complex but also multifaceted. Keeping the respondents engaged by ensuring that they do not lose interest very fast, calls for adoption of certain tricks of the trade.

The following tips stated below if adopted will help an interviewer in structuring and designing a target oriented, clear, all-inclusive, concise yet neutral interview script.

  • Locating the Target Audience Prior To Drafting of Script

Obtaining information prior to drafting of script such as how knowledgeable, well informed and up to date your target audience is will enable in drafting  a detailed questionnaire along with providing an idea about the framework relating to each question.

  • Ascertaining Meaningful Data

Gathering of worthless information and data could result in wasting precious time with respondents that could be effectively used to collect valuable information.

  • Sketching of Script in a Rational Question Order Category To Make It Easier For Respondents

Construction of questions in a clear concise and to the point manner revolving around the dialogue will engage interviewee to answer relevant questions for which you wish to obtain the answer.

Refrain from Introducing Uncalled for Biases During the Process of Research

  • Ensure that there is no misreading of a question.
  • Draft questions in such a manner that the respondent is not forced to answer from the answer choices.
  • Ensure arrangement of multi choice answers in a random manner to prevent biased responses.

Keeping Respondents Engaged

Finally keeping the respondents engaged is of prime importance as it leads to faster completion process and obtaining of information that is more accurate. The interviewees end up becoming more involved in the research.

Participation levels of respondents can be increased in the following ways:

  • By engaging conversation in a friendly tone or dialogue with the audience to connect better
  • Abstain from asking pointless questions to respondents
  • Refrain from using slang so as to not offend or being misunderstood by the respondent
  • Framing short questions to retain the attention of those respondents with limited span of interest as you will end up losing them by asking long drawn out question
  • Drafting a relevant and concise answer list to the questions framed
  • Framing relevant questions to each group specific respondents. This can be done by segmenting the respondents based on their type at the very initial stages of interview

Thanking the respondent in a polite manner at the end of the interview. Apprising the respondent as to when you are likely to send the result. Noting down important observations after the respondent has left are some of the tips that will help in ensuring total success of an interview. 

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