Neuro Omnibus for Video Testing which allows companies to receive information relating to the subconscious response of consumers to web or broadcast video

Testing lab provider, Interactive Video Productions, with support from HCD Research, has introduced a Neuro Omnibus for Video Testing which allows companies to receive information relating to the subconscious response of consumers to web or broadcast video. 

Commenting on the launch, Bob Granito, President of IVP, said “Traditional research of video advertising relies on self-report and does not precisely measure whether the video caught and kept the respondent’s attention.  Applied consumer neuroscience can determine whether the video captured the viewers’ attention and where attention was lost and gained throughout the ad.  IVP’s omnibus allows multiple videos to be grouped and viewed together by sought after target segments, substantially reducing the cost of neuro research.” 

IVP’s Neuro Omnibus for Video is designed to be integrated into traditional research, providing snapshots of data to help marketers identify content that contributes to the desired attention, arousal and emotions, throughout the video.

Researchers obtain metrics including an indication of the impact of the critical first six seconds of their tested ad and animated graphs exhibiting where and when responses varied throughout the video.  Consultation with staff from HCD Research explaining the results will help to provide additional understanding of the data.

The broad range of target audiences will include: Millennials, Boomers, Gen X, new car buyers, mothers of young children, and online shoppers. 

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Interactive Video Productions LLC provides research technology labs in facility, in-field or online to help marketing researchers gain deeper insights and provide compelling visualization for their key findings. Solutions include: usability, eye tracking and neuromarketing technology across the US, Europe and Canada, where IVP has also built a large network of research facility partners. For further information, hi-res images or interviews please contact: Bob Granito T. +1 732.970.9446. M. +1 732.309.9068

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