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Jibunu Introduces CLONE – Consistent Layout, Only New Elements

Jibunu is providing a unique survey cloning feature to small, enterprise and research industry clients.

Jibunu,a full-featured marketing and research technology firm, is providing a unique survey cloning feature to small, enterprise and research industry clients.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Jibunu CLONE (Consistent Layout, Only New Elements) is a methodology that sets up surveys and survey elements so they can be easily copied, or cloned, for future use.

STANDARD CLONE retains the question design, logic, data layout, and quota structure from use to use. This offering is ideal for surveys where only text and content changes are required. Questions or answers that are no longer needed can be hidden.

CUSTOM CLONE accommodates standard changes plus more sophisticated requirements such as altering structure or logic and creating a data layout match while adding or removed elements.

ADVANCE CLONE allows more control for the researcher by giving them tools to add or remove items from a survey that change on a regular basis such as advertisements, TV shows, brands, events, etc.

CLONE empowers survey administrators to:

* Create a screener and/or demographic template that can be inserted into projects without paying for them over and over again
* Utilize a template for research needs, such as concept evaluation or new product testing, where elements can be changed from project to project
* Insert placeholder questions for text and images that can be easily substituted
* Create custom brand framework for the research company or client by using HTML and CSS
* Utilize complex quota structures that can be used for multiple surveys
* Employ multiple survey versions, such a patient version and a physician version, with minimal differences. Jibunu can create one version, then copy it and make changes to create the other version
* Tailor exercises that maintain identical functionality, but require custom text or images for each use

All of these methods increase efficiency and reduce costs on trackers and ad hoc studies.

About Jibunu

Jibunu (, founded in 2003, pioneers database-driven online survey technology. Built on roots in software development, the company focuses on the respondent experience as well as researcher needs. As a result, Jibunu offers interactive tools and virtual environments that are changing research methodology in both the quantitative and qualitative space. In the past few years Jibunu has been recognized by numerous groups and media outlets for its innovation and leadership. Jibunu serves small, enterprise, and professional research industry clients.


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