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Offering Direct Access to the Most Comprehensive Political Data in the Market Today.

 The lead up to the 2016 U.S. election races is an intense time for political ad spend. To enhance political research capabilities, Lightspeed GMI recently added extensive historical voter data to its world class U.S. panels. Through detailed analysis of research results among verified U.S. voters, Lightspeed GMI now offers marketing research agencies, media organizations and political consultants a customizable research solution.

“A data-driven snapshot of America’s changing political views - from candidate perception to campaign contributions to social issues- is a valuable resource for Election 2016,” stated David Shanker, Chief Executive Officer, The Americas. “By layering our superior quality solutions, like Honesty Detector, onto our panel and cross platform research solutions, we can reach verified voters and help clients conduct accurate and insightful political research.”

Bringing a Clear Voice to the Political Conversation

Lightspeed GMI’s Political Profiler offers access to the most comprehensive political data in the market today. As part of its expanded set of behavioral and attitudinal data integration abilities, Lightspeed GMI’s Political Profiler allows targeting by political party affiliation, voter preferences and voting frequency.

“With aggressive political advertising campaigns underway, our Political Profiler builds a data foundation that empowers our clients to maximize their advertising dollars,” stated Shanker.

“Trends and insights among registered voters is never more important than in an election year. Incorporating the Political Profiler has made Lightspeed GMI’s capabilities even more valuable to those working in politics and the issue advocacy space,” said Sean Richardson, Executive Vice President, TiberCom, a campaign and communications integration firm based in Washington, DC.

Complementing voter data, Lightspeed GMI’s political research capability also provides social interest profiles, such as animal right activists and healthcare reform supporters and charitable giving profiles, such as religious donors or environmental donors. For more details, visit


Lightspeed GMI is an award-winning global digital data collection enterprise. Founded in 1996, its innovative technology and proven sampling methodologies deliver operational excellence throughout the online research process. With more than 5.5 million online research respondents in 45 countries, Lightspeed GMI’s proprietary panels deliver unparalleled quality, capacity and targeting.

Headquartered in Warren, New Jersey, Lightspeed GMI is part of Kantar, the data investment management arm of WPP, the world leader in marketing communication services.


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