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Remesh Announces Internal Growth, New Hires to Expand Leadership in Market Research

Senior leaders bring diverse experience in market research and beyond to accelerate Remesh’s growth

Remesh, the software company utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to reinvent the way organizations conduct research, today announced significant hiring growth across almost all departments. Remesh is at the frontier of insight gathering and offers a platform that is faster, more intuitive and more affordable than traditional research and employee engagement methods."We are thrilled to welcome these innovative leaders and their wealth of experience to our team,” Andrew Konya, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Remesh, said. "Their contributions will be crucial pillars in our pursuit of a future with Truth at the center."

Remesh’s new hires include: Kate Economou, Senior Qualitative Researcher, who was previously the New York Research Lead for FTI Consulting's Strategic Communications segment and joins the team with 20 years of experience in primary and secondary qualitative and quantitative research; Douglas Freeman, VP of Sales, who was previously VP of Sales at The Muse, and joins the team with 14 years of experience building sales organizations in SaaS, HR Tech, and traditional / digital marketing sales; and Meghan Moore, VP of Customer Experience, who was promoted internally after serving as Director of Customer Success at Remesh, and who previously built the Customer Success team at Jetport from scratch.

Remesh’s other recent hires include: David Tuffy, VP of Product, who previously drove an Agile transformation at Napster, Inc., advised on Lean practices at AmericanExpress, built Product departments from the ground up at OvationTix and, and joins the team with ten years of product leadership experience; and Mike Bruni, VP of Engineering, who was previously VP of Engineering at CB Insights and joins the team with eighteen years of start-up engineering and management experience.

Remesh is a market research disruptor that equips Fortune 1000 companies and consultancies alike to better engage and understand their employees and customers, both online and in real-time. Remesh uses an intuitive chat interface to communicate with employees and customers, applying artificial intelligence to analyze, understand, and segment responses as they happen.


About Remesh 
Experience qualitative insights at a quantitative scale with Remesh, a Truth Discovery Platform that helps you understand customers and make more informed business decisions. Powered by A.I., Remesh empowers you to engage with up to 1,000 customers at once: online and in real-time. Remesh allows you to understand, analyze, and segment open-ended customer responses as they come in, so you can more easily understand the truth of your customers - all while reducing the cost and time toward insight.


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About Remesh:
Remesh allows you to understand a large group of people in a way that’s fast, statistically significant, on budget, and representative.

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