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SHC Universal and Truth On Call Launch Joint Venture

SHC Universal and Truth On Call now provide game-changing verified physician insights in 24 hours.

Through an exclusive partnership, SHC Universal and Truth On Call now provide game-changing verified physician insights in 24 hours.  This new tool provides consultative support and delivers accurate answers in record time.

Former McKinsey consultant and current Truth On Call President Dr. Samadani, Ph.D. says, “I am very excited to partner with SHC by adding our offering to their suite of services.  Their values of providing accurate, cost effective access to healthcare professionals is aligned with ours which made this partnership an easy one to embark upon.  I’m looking forward to helping them bring another valuable, effective, innovative tool to their clients."

Leading up the effort at SHC, David Katz notes, “I can’t wait to bring Rosina’s fast turn services with actionable results to my clients.  SHC’s Truth On Call solves my client’s needs by providing data insights within 24 hours.  By working with Dr. Samadani, we’re bringing our clients a better tool for leveraging 24 hour results, with the trust and experience of having Rosina on our side.”


About SHC Universal

SHC Universal was founded on the ideal of providing the most accurate and cost-effective data collection to the healthcare, public opinion and market research industries.  SHC Universal offers unprecedented reach to millions of panelists from a broad network of professional specialists, patients and consumers for both quantitative and qualitative research.  SHC Universal has access to more than two million healthcare professionals, including physicians, hospitalists, nurses and nurse specialists, payer/managed care professionals, pharmacy directors, pharmacists, medical directors, dentists, veterinarians, optometrists, physician office staff, administrative hospital personnel, patients and caregivers.


For more information, please contact:

Danielle Rissmeyer, Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 646-616-9140

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