Survox now Offers integration with SurveyGizmo To Help Researchers Capture The True “Voice of the Customer”

The integration frees researchers to design a single survey for both online and voice-based delivery to maximize reach and audience representation.

Survox now offers API integration with SurveyGizmo that enables users to easily add voice-based survey solutions to the researcher’s toolkit. Brand researchers currently using SurveyGizmo can now take advantage of Survox’s voice-based survey capability. Researchers can leverage Survox Services to provide fully automated voice surveys (IVR), or any of the Survox-equipped research call centers to conduct interviewer-led surveys (CATI). Data from all survey sources are populated into SurveyGizmo for analysis and reporting.

The integration frees researchers to design a single survey for both online and voice-based delivery to maximize reach and audience representation. The data can then be analyzed using the extensive functionality within SurveyGizmo for an in-depth view of the customer experience to inform actions. Multi-channel data collection increases overall audience participation, giving decision makers needed insights faster.

“Phone survey capability lets researchers more easily connect with hard-to reach audiences, seniors, and select other demographics.” States Mary McDougall, Survox CEO, “Giving researchers additional tools to target audiences increases response and minimizes the need to weight results for more accurate insights.”  The integration unites both companies cloud solutions, making it easier for researchers to collect actionable insight


About Survox
Survox solutions enable CX professionals, market researchers, and opinion polling organizations to reach the exact respondents needed to gather representative feedback and distill quantitative and qualitative insights from conversational response. By integrating with online survey platforms, Survox removes historic technical barriers to voice adoption.

The company’s expertise in voice-based data collection now extends to natural language processing technology. Currently leveraging IBM Watson, Survox’s software can auto-generate and deliver personalized, dynamically updated, voice-based surveys for each audience member and then have the conversations translated into text for near-real-time trend and sentiment analysis. 

About SurveyGizmo
Founded in 2006, SurveyGizmo is a powerful, insights solution that empowers business professionals to make informed decisions. Through high-powered application software, forward-minded thinking, and best-in-class customer service, SurveyGizmo has become a standard for user-friendly data collection and fast, efficient results. It provides data insights in over 205 countries, with 50,000 new surveys created and 7.5 million responses collected every week, for customers like Fedex, Microsoft, Bloomberg Television and GE. For more information, visit


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