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Survox Latest IBM Global Entrepreneur | Advancing Voice-based Data Collection

Survox Inc., a pioneer in voice-based data collection, is now leveraging the collective knowledge and resources offered through the IBM Global Entrepreneur community to speed deployment of its next generation voice-based data collection and analysis products.

As decision makers look for faster, better insights, the Survox audience targeting and voice data collection methods deliver the fast representative feedback needed to inform actions.  Machine learning, context and tone analysis, and classification will further enhance the collection of actionable insights from conversational response.

Survox has already commercialized the use of IBM Watson technology to auto-generate and deliver personalized voice-based surveys for each audience member using dynamically updated transaction information. Then, using Watson’s natural language processing technology, speech response is translated to text for near-real-time trend and sentiment analysis. Speech-to-Text conversion of response audio files reduces data collection cost and enables the extraction of both quantitative and qualitative insights from unstructured data.

IBM encouraged Survox to join the program to explore other applications that could be leveraged after seeing the voice-based services that were already productized. “IBM has a set of apps that can be deployed within minutes including Watson and its entire toolset,” states Khozy Ujjainwala, Survox VP Engineering, “this not only saves on development time, but accelerates R&D in terms of making it easier to understand the new tools and their potential for use with our technology”.

Participating in the program helps Survox take advantage of Watson’s extensive natural language processing technology while focusing its resources on developing the technology to capture and extract actionable data.

About Survox
Survox provides a powerful audience targeting and phone survey automation platform for engaging with customers, employees and voters. Survox helps decision makers reduce the big data problem by reaching exactly the respondents needed to fill quotas quickly and cost effectively. Our focus is on fast delivery and high quality insights “When Quota Matters”. 

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This content was originally published by Survox, Inc. . Visit their website at http://www.survoxinc.com.

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Survox, Inc.

Survox, Inc.

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About Survox, Inc.:
Survox® respondent targeting & phone data collection solutions (CATI) empower market research or opinion polling pros to gain fast, accurate insights.

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