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[Webinar] Gen Z: Immense Buying Power, But Know Their Playbook

Join Focus Pointe Global to learn how to engage with Gen Z, the generation that has grown up with a smart phone in their hands.

Most of the focus in the media and the research world has been on Millennials – who they are, what they believe and what motivates them to purchase.  However, if we look at the age group behind millennials we see a larger and more diverse population, with different values, beliefs and drivers of behavior. Marketers are beginning to recognize that Generation Z represents the next wave in purchasing power; however, we are just beginning to understand what makes them tick. 

In order to better understand how to engage Gen Z in the research process Focus Pointe Global recently conducted a thorough examination of existing information as well as conducting our own primary research among this audience. 

In analyzing this information, we saw a difference between Gen Z and what is typically reported for Millennials. Gen Z tends to focus on faster and more visual communication and they have a stronger need to be connected.  Most indicate they “could not live” without their smartphone and would give up most everything else (food, entertainment, etc.) rather than lose their internet connection. They are more independent and entrepreneurial than millennials but still have a strong desire to give back through volunteering.  All of these beliefs and values, along with others that we will explore in this webinar, are important to understand as marketers and marketing researchers try to engage with this new opportunity segment.

As part of our study, we also tested three different methods for engaging this audience and determined if one was more successful at sparking participation. The three methods included a new mobile app called Gauge, our Polling product and a more conventional online survey approach using Qualtrics.  Each of these methods takes a slightly different approach to engagement and each has its own unique advantages and limitations.  The two key variables distinguishing these three methods were speed of data collection and depth of insight.  The webinar shares key learning on which method proved to be most successful in engaging the Gen Z audience.

View the webinar recording. You will learn:

  • How Gen Z differs from Millennials in terms of values, beliefs and consumption habits
  • Important lessons on how to engage this audience for marketing and marketing research purposes
  • Which research methods successfully spur participation – and which don’t


Wally Balden 
Managing Director, Online Research Services
Focus Pointe Global

Wally has been in the marketing research business for the past 38 years, with the last 20 dedicated to online data collection methods.  He has served on the supplier side, client side and as an end user of research in various product management and marketing positions across numerous Fortune 100 companies. He is a recognized authority for online data collection methods and data quality, and has been a frequent speaker on these topics at research events around the globe.

In his current role he is responsible for creating, developing and managing all online qualitative solutions at Focus Pointe Global. 

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