[WEBINAR RECORDING] Soaring Through Co-Creation

Discover how Fortune 500 brands transform their passive online communities into co-creation profit centers.

How do we make market research scalable, affordable, and quicker?

According to a recent GRIT Report, Market Research Online Communities have gone mainstream. Currently used by a majority of researchers, traditional MROCs are often reduced to passive listening stations. They are a quick resource to get customer reaction, but how do we leverage our understanding of customers to inspire new solutions?

Co-creation Communities are the latest evolution of online communities. Co-creation empowers customers to take a more proactive approach. Customers work side by side with your team to help generate ideas, develop those ideas into concepts and then evaluate the top concepts. This allows you to innovate more quickly and with greater confidence.

In this webinar recording, you will learn how Delta Air Lines put passengers at the center of their product development efforts.

You will learn how to: 

  • Interact with customers in an iterative environment
  • Get great ideas created by your customers and internal team
  • Allow your customers to help drive the process, enabling you to make better decisions


President & CEO
KL Communications

Mr. Lonnie founded KL Communications in 1996 after working on both the client and supplier side. He has earned a reputation as being at the forefront of using the principles of agile iteration and customer co-creation.

Mr. Lonnie has presented at numerous ARF, AMA, MRA, ESOMAR & IIR Conferences over the past three years, focusing on the impact of disruptive tools and their implications for our industry. Kevin is past Treasurer and Executive Board member of the MRA (Marketing Research Association). Mr. Lonnie is also past president of the Interactive Marketing Research Organization (IMRO).


Director, Community Research Services
KL Communications

RAs Director of Community Research Services, Lisa has played an integral role in the creation of her company’s Community Research Department. She spearheaded the development of the department, including the creation of best practices and SOPs for her team of online moderators. In addition to overseeing daily operations for all of KL Communications’ online communities, she also leads a team of developers in the creation of the company’s proprietary community platform, which includes mobile app technologies. A seasoned moderator herself, Lisa also conducts all aspects of qualitative domestic and international research, from study design through analysis. Lisa is also an expert in qualitative co-creation techniques, and has co-authored a White Paper along with Linda Ury Greenberg from Columbia University about fostering creativity in co-creation environments. She is a member of both QRCA and PMRG.


User Research Specialist
Delta Air Lines

Through her roles in both project management and as part of Delta’s eCommerce team, Meghan Rogers has embraced the concept of co-creating with customers to meet their needs. In her current role as User Research Specialist, she has spearheaded many co-creation initiatives that have informed Delta’s development of new products and services with direction from customers, and designed to meet the customers’ needs. She also monitors customer needs through usability testing and satisfaction tracking. A Georgia native, Meghan holds an MS in industrial engineering from North Carolina State University, with a focus in human factors and ergonomics, and a BS in mechanical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

This content was originally published by KL Communications, Inc. . Visit their website at www.klcommunications.com.

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