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[Webinar] The EXPERTations Game: Why are "experts" wrong so often and how can marketers avoid the trap?

Listen to Mike Berendes from Custom Intercept Solutions as he explores how you can build a stronger foundation for analytics.

Businesses depend on a deep understanding of consumers, beyond transactional, point-of-sale data. But marketers often find that the many tech short-cuts that have emerged in recent years just aren't cutting it.

To get at the deep insights business leaders are looking for, you must inject people into the equation. In this webinar recording, Mike Berendes from Custom Intercept Solutions explores how you can put people before tech to build a more robust understanding of your customers and their loyalty drivers.

View the recording today. You will:

  • Discover the framework for a successful insights analytical approach.
  • Check out brands that "get it right," and how they do it.
  • Assess your own affinity toward tech, and how to pragmatically determine the right insights techniques that will drive your business.


Mike Berendes

Director, Sales & Marketing

Custom Intercept Solutions

Mike Berendes holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in marketing, with 17 years’ experience in insights.  He is skeptical of the cross-industry trend toward “tech-first,” rather than “people-first” decision-making, which he believes has created an insight gap.  This gap is striking, as products and businesses continue to struggle regardless of the amount of tech or data-points.  Mike is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Custom Intercept Solutions, where he guides business-leaders back to their consumers, for better insights and better business results.

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