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[Webinar Recording] Are Machines Taking Over Research? Spoiler: No, they're just making us all smarter

View the recording to discover how A.I. augments the world of research.

Elon Musk believes it's possible to have a “Skynet” coming out of artificial intelligence. But while the fictional self-aware A.I. system from the Terminator movie franchise wipes humans out, current A.I. applications actually augments human capabilities. A.I. helps us overcome our limitations—and yes, it makes us all smarter.

But the market research industry is just beginning to understand how to use A.I. to create competitive advantage. In this webinar, Wizer clears the air and breaks down what A.I. is and isn't. By giving examples of how it pushes the industry to be better, faster, and more informed, the discussion demonstrates how A.I. enables more researchers to deliver more impactful and better results.

Wizer is an A.I.-powered consumer research company which develops solutions for the often laborious and unstructured research processes. Listen as Matthew Maimone, Director of Global Solutions, and Idan Geva, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer at Wizer, differentiates A.I., machine-learning, and automation, and discuss how to use technological advancements to benefit research teams and the industry.

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  • The impact of A.I. on the market research industry
  • Best practices to accelerate and improve research processes using A.I.
  • How to leverage A.I. to produce better researches and make insights-driven decisions
  • Tips on how to stay competitive by empowering researchers with A.I.


 Matthew Maimone, Director of Global Solutions, Wizer

Matt is a senior product leader with years of experience developing, managing, and innovating research solutions. He has broad knowledge across all types of industry clients—from holding key roles at Harris Interactive and Millward Brown, to most recently at Nielsen. Matt helps clients achieve their “dream research project” delivered using Wizer’s unique technical capabilities.


  Idan Geva, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer, Wizer

Idan is a gadget and tech evangelist and an all-purpose entrepreneur, coincidentally specializing in market research and innovation. He has experience in business development, business leadership, and product design, with an eye for user experience.

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