[Webinar Recording] Marketing ROI Practices:

Listen to the two part Marketing ROI webinar; 'From Attribution to Action: Lessons Learned in the Journey to Personalization' presented by IRI and 'The Impact Real Cost Data Has On ROI' presented by SMI.

On October 12th, over 300 industry leaders gathered in New York with Greenbook and Sequent Partners for the second Attribution Accelerator event. The dialogue demonstrated how far the industry has come advancing the practice of attribution modeling — and how much work there is left to do.  
Marketers (including AT&T, Kellogg and Coty) talked about their challenges organizing and executing around an attribution solution, particularly in global companies.  Case studies were shared and the right statistical technique for specific purposes, methodological bias and data quality issues were identified.  Newer approaches like unified marketing mix models and attribution models and persons-based ROI analysis were explored.  
And at the end, attendees were reminded that marketing ROI is not about smart analytics, but about re-establishing marketing as a pillar of brand growth.   
And so we’re pleased to bring you an extension of that event — and to keep the dialogue on ROI practices moving forwardThis is one webinar with two parts.

Part 1: From Attribution to Action: Lessons Learned in the Journey to Personalization - IRI

As the media and digital advertising landscape has grown and become more complex, advertisers’ need for digital spend optimization has become more critical. However, the road to success is complex and must be traveled with a clear agenda and a test-and-learn approach.   IRI’s Bhanu Bhardwaj will discuss lessons learned from attribution and how to take action after analyzing results. She will also share a client case study about the journey toward digital optimization and the critical factors that enabled the brand’s success.

You will learn about how to turn attributions into actions to strengthen your marketing strategies and executions via:

  • The three main building blocks for any attribution measurement
  • The four key principles advertisers need to ensure campaign success
  • How taking advantage of in-flight attribution can drive big results with even a single change having a significant impact

Part 2: The Impact Real Cost Data Has On ROI - Standard Media Index

Poor quality, inaccurate and untimely investment data have detrimentally impacted the industry since inception. SMI’s unique cost data, sourced directly from the systems of the world’s leading media buying groups, is revolutionizing the marketing effectiveness space. In this session SMI and Analytic Partners will showcase a CPG case study that combine SMI’s latest cost data in TV and Digital with Analytic Partners ROI Genome data. In addition, SMI and Alphonso TV will combine accurate cost data and real-time TV consumption data in a QSR case study. These case study examples will demonstrate the dramatically improved ROI outcomes that accurate expenditure data can now deliver for publishers and marketers.  You will:

  • Understand the effect poor investment information is having on competitive benchmarking of ROI, and how to identify the right data, to create more meaningful conclusions
  • Weigh the benefits and costs of marketing decisions and data, by understanding halo principles, synergies, cascading impacts and modeling considerations
  • Explore the synergies between TV and Digital advertising, through the results of a QSR tracking study, to understand the appropriate balance of spend among media platforms
  • Demonstrate the impact of TV messaging with offline and online data sets


  Bhanu Bhardwaj, SVP, Digital and Media Solutions, IRI

A growth oriented business leader with expertise in analytics and big data focused on marketing performance management, media and online optimization and advanced analytics consulting. Bhanu excels at building successful businesses leveraging big data analytics to drive insights, action and profitable growth. She has build key strategic partnerships and consulted with executives from Fortune 100 as well as small businesses across manufacturers, agencies, platforms, adtech/mar-tech and networks.


  James Fennessy, CEO, Standard Media Index

James Fennessy serves as Global CEO of Standard Media Index (SMI). In the U.S. he assumes responsibility for SMI’s largest publishing clients, major agency holding group relationships and key partnerships within the marketing effectiveness space. Recently under James’ leadership, SMI has launched AccuTV, the most accurate ad intelligence product for National TV, and is about to launch a new digital product that enables clients to see campaign level digital bookings for 60% of the market. Before SMI, he was CEO in Asia Pacific for one of the world’s leading sales effectiveness consulting groups. He began his media career with News Corporation where he held senior sales roles in Sydney and Hong Kong.


  Bill Harvey, Bill Harvey Consulting

Bill Harvey is the inventor founder of TRA now called TiVo Research and brings a perspective based on singlesource agent based modeling. He created the first automated MMM system with George Williams at General Foods in the 80s. He has been strategic advisor to SMI for the past two years and helping to develop incremental ROI oriented services to marketers and modelers which leverage the unique accurate media cost data only SMI possesses. Bill is a classically trained marketing/media researcher who early on became entranced by the combination of research and technology. His new company Research Measurement Technologies brings to market DriverTagsTM, a method for quantifying the psychological attributes of creative for ROI optimization.


  Joshua Bayne, Associate Director, Analytic Partners

Joshua Bayne is an Associate Director at Analytic Partners. Joshua has over 8 years of analytics experience delivering strategic consulting services and customized solutions to clients across a wide range of industries, with expertise in CPG and Retail.  Joshua leads several key analyst teams that provide strategic insight through analytics and thought leadership to several clients across the globe. Joshua is passionate about providing AP’s clients with the tools and skillsets necessary to drive meaningful business decisions. Joshua holds an MBA in Business Management from Sacred Heart University.


  TS Kelly, SVP Research, Alphonso

 TS Kelly is SVP, Research at Alphonso, a TV Data Company. A 20-year veteran of the media and market research industry, TS led his own market research team at The Media Strategist, was the global head of Research & Insight at Havas and held senior level positions at Quantcast, Doner, Nielsen and I Heart Media.









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