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[Webinar Recording] The Fastest Way to the Deepest Insights: The Automation of Behavioral Science

View the recording to learn how to automate behavioral science for a competitive edge. registers!

Join us for a discussion about the rising demand of emotional measurement within market research where we'll explore the ways in which organizations are accessing faster insights through automation without sacrificing accuracy.

In this webinar, Dr. Aaron Reid will show you how to combine implicit, emotional measures with explicit data to increase the predictive validity of your studies. We will also share results from organizations capitalizing on the automation of behavioral research.

Register today.  You will:

• Learn how to automate behavioral research and improve your competitive advantage
• Uncover the tools and methods needed to conduct implicit research
• Learn about the accuracy you can achieve through real world examples




Aaron Reid, Founder & Chief Behavioral Scientist, Sentient Decision Science, Inc.

As an entrepreneurial consumer psychologist, Dr. Reid founded Sentient Decision Science, Inc. to bring the visionary advances from the behavioral sciences to business in a practical and accessible format. Sentient is a leading behavioral science based research and consulting firm providing best-in-class implicit research technology, applied behavioral economics and marketing science based brand consulting to optimize product, pricing and promotion development and emotionally differentiate brands through strategic positioning and communications.


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Sentient Decision Science

Sentient Decision Science

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States of America
About Sentient Decision Science:
We bring visionary advances from the behavioral sciences to the business community in a practical and accessible form to move global business forward.