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[Webinar Recording] How to Reach the Distracted Audience in a Digital World

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  • The webinar is presented by GreenBook and EyeSee

Almost half of Gen Xers and Millennials do not watch traditional television, while every third household is without a cable or satellite subscription. This major move from traditional to online platforms has significantly impacted media consumption habits, especially with younger audiences.

Ad spending has followed suit and shifted to social media platforms, but most companies are still uncertain how to create an engaging advertising campaign that will drive sales. Not only does this apply to advertising solutions, but also to the secondary components that are sometimes neglected, such as branded elements, platforms’ features (emoticons, hashtags etc.), the surrounding content etc.

Twitter and EyeSee will offer their perspectives on consumers as the audience on social media, along with the do’s and don’ts, which modern marketers can make use of in their very next campaign. With the help of the latest behavioral research methods – eye tracking, facial coding and virtual shopping – these companies aim to help advertisers understand the rules of communicating in the digital world.

Register today! You will learn:

  • Best practices for social media advertising (how to create ads that work)
  • How to pretest social media ads: methods and framework
  • How the “distracted generation” behaves on social media.

With very limited time to make an impact, advertisers need to focus on obtaining more relevant insights on real consumer behavior and tweaking their content, seamlessly fitting into the most popular platforms. Will you stick to the old rules in the new world or are you ready for next-gen marketing?


  Wayne Y. Huang, Research Manager, Data & Analytics, Twitter

Wayne (M.P.P, Business and Government at Harvard University) started as a Senior Research Analyst at Twitter in 2014 and is now the Research Manager at the company, proving the value of Twitter through data, analytics and experiments. He uses quantitative research data to enhance Twitter’s products and user experience.


  Olivier Tilleuil, Founder & CEO, EyeSee

Olivier Tilleuil is the founder and CEO at EyeSee, the multi-awarded company specializing in using behavioral methods online (eye tracking, facial coding, virtual shopping), aiming to provide accessible customer insights. Clients include the top FMCG, retail and media companies in the world. Before starting EyeSee, Olivier was pursuing a PhD at the intersection between decision-making science and innovation. He is a big fan and advocate of implicit methods, neuro-marketing and disruptive technology.


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