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[Webinar Recording] Mobile Ad Testing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Feeds

Listen to the recording to learn how to test digital ads in users' actual social feeds.

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Advertising is at a crossroads. Brands are betting on social media, because that’s where the public is. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube get 90% of their traffic from mobile devices, making it crucial to understand not just how ads perform on these platforms, but how they perform on users’ smartphone screens. Advertisers know they face serious difficulties in this new terrain, especially when it comes to finding accurate and transparent ways to measure and improve social ads’ effectiveness. In this presentation, you’ll learn about Social Ad Testing, a new method for achieving success with mobile ads in social media streams. It allows advertisers to test an ad’s effectiveness before it is launched – with testing that takes place in the natural environment of consumers’ actual news feeds. There, the test ad is experienced as a regular piece of “live” content, competing for attention with the posts, pictures, and videos received from your friends, family and those that you follow. It reflects reality, unlike the simulated environments in which most ad-testing is done.

Social Ad Testing first collects passive data that shows how recipients are engaging with the ad on their phones. The same test recipients then receive mobile surveys that elicit detailed insights into whether and how the test ad drove awareness and interest in the advertised brand or product. The advertiser learns in detail how an ad’s concept and creative is being perceived, and the test can be conducted on different social platforms simultaneously to determine where it’s likely to be most effective. An understanding of Social Ad Testing will give advertising decision-makers more relevant and sophisticated insight into an ad’s likely performance. Is it ready to launch, or should it be held back for further fine-tuning?

Register today!  At this webinar you will learn how to test digital ads in users' actual social feeds.

  • Understand technology for testing social media ads in their natural environment, before they are launched.

  • Learn the methodology to measure recipients’ behavioral interactions with an ad, augmented by qualitative feedback about why it works – or doesn’t.

  • Is a given ad better-suited to one social media platform than another? Learn how to do comparative testing.


  Michael Schmall, Research Manager, Client Service Solutions

Michael Schmall joins Operations as a Market Research Manager, involved in planning, implementing, and delivering quality surveys, including the crucial task of communicating with clients throughout the process. He previously was a Research Manager at Lieberman Research Worldwide. Michael has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton School of Business. Michael comes to MFour with a championship pedigree – he played three seasons as a starting linebacker on Penn’s football team, including the Quakers’ 2012 Ivy League championship team.

   Alex Colao, Director of Sales, MFour Mobile Research

Alex Colao came to MFour in 2015 as a Senior Solutions Executive and is now Director of Sales, responsible for overseeing and mentoring a fast-growing team. Before coming to MFour, Alex was Sales Director at Hanover Research, where his achievements were instrumental in Hanover being honored for the first time as one of the American Marketing Association’s Top 50 market research firms. Alex grew up in Rochester, NY, and is an alumnus of the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina.

  Mike Gaffney, CRO, MFour Mobile Research

Mike will draw on extensive executive experience as he oversees MFour’s sales and marketing teams. He previously helped top technology and advertising companies rapidly expand their sales – most recently as Chief Revenue Officer at Sharethrough, where his five-year tenure coincided with its rise to dominance among native advertising platforms. Previously he was Chief Revenue Officer at Auditude, a video advertising platform, and Vice President of Sales at the pioneering digital advertising exchange Right Media, which was acquired by Yahoo! for $800 million. He began his career at Oracle, then joined, where he was among its first wave of employees and rose to Vice President. Mike holds a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies from Georgetown University. He and his wife have three children, ages 11 to 15, and recently added a puppy to the family. Mike grew up on Long Island and maintains a long-suffering loyalty to the New York Jets.







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