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[Webinar Recording] Under the Hood of a Sampling Company

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  • InnovateMR
  • December 07 2017 12 PM - 1 PM

Do you ever wonder how a sampling company actually gets the results you need?  Matt Dusig, Co-founder of InnovateMR, pulls down the veil of secrecy to provide real clarity and transparency into the sampling industry. See inside Innovate's sampling platform and learn how B2B and consumer panels are built, engaged and maintained.

Learn about:

  • B2B and Consumer Panel Management
  • Tools Sample Companies Use to Initiate Projects and Engage Respondents
  • Sampling Quality Issues and Solutions
  • Panel Recruitment and Engagement and much more!

This webinar will address:

  •  BEHIND THE SCENES LOOK AT INNOVATE EDGE - A first-hand look at Innovate’s powerful sampling system, and its approach to project management, sample management, quota management, panel and panelist reward management, and much more.


  • HOW TO BUILD GREAT B2B AND CONSUMER PANELS, INTERVIEW W/ LISA WILDING-BROWN, INNOVATE CHIEF RESEARCH OFFICER -A discussion with Lisa focusing on the role of user engagement, site design, social media engagement, and the technology needed to prevent fraud when building a panel.


  •  DEMONSTRATION OF PANEL SITE RECRUITMENT AND ENGAGEMENT - See how Innovate's PointClub panel delivers high quality, relevant respondents to match research needs using compelling rewards and survey matching algorithms.



  Matt Dusig, Co-Founder, InnovateMR

InnovateMR is a fiercely, independent sampling company. Matt’s technical know-how and industry experience help drive Innovate’s success. He envisions the ideal market research world where every consumer has a positive experience with surveys, thereby expanding the sampling universe.

Matt has personally created seven different sampling systems that have run his businesses. Many innovations in the sampling industry were developed under Matt’s guidance. Matt also co-created the industry’s first mobile app solutions used to pinpoint respondents based on their geo-location.

Matt has co-founded five online companies including three pioneering firms uSamp/Instantly, goZing and InnovateMR


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