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ActiveGroup introduces the first mobile app built for professional qualitative researchers

First videostreaming, now mobile. ActiveGroup continues its culture of innovation, introducing the first mobile app built for professional qualitative researchers, called Capture.

Atlanta/London/Sofia – January 21, 2013 – “To say that mobile is growing right now is an understatement,” says David Nelems, President and Founder of ActiveGroup. “Mobile is the future and what we saw in the marketing research industry was an incredible lack of mobile tools for researchers. Capture just seemed like an obvious progression.”

Built for the iPad, version one of Capture allows researchers to capture and upload video, audio, and images from the field, then publish and share that content with clients and colleagues via ActiveGroup’s collaborative multimedia center, The Lobby.

“My wife is a qualitative researcher,” said Nelems “As I watched her struggle with various devices and media types for a project she was working on, it dawned on me that there was no good way for professional researchers to capture and share multimedia content with their clients and colleagues, or manipulate that content for reports and presentations. Capture and The Lobby work seamlessly to address those issues.”

And all at a reasonable cost: $350 per project.

With research budgets being stretched, the demand for getting into the environment of the respondents growing, and traditional methods for filming and recording being bulky, intrusive, and/or expensive, Capture fills a void for researchers that had not existed before.

“The benefits of Capture are substantial when you consider all that a researcher can do from a device that they probably already own. Mobile ethnography. Shop-alongs. Central location testing. In an office. On the bus. At the mall. Capture opens up all sorts of possibilities.”

“Capture - Media Recorder for Research Professionals” is available from the iTunes App Store for $9.99.


About ActiveGroup Ventures, Inc.

Founded in 1999, ActiveGroup was the first company to offer video streaming to the marketing research industry. Headquartered in Atlanta and with offices in London and Sofia, the company has an extensive global network consisting of 1200+ permanently installed video streaming rooms in more than 45 countries, offering clients the global footprint they need to conduct their qualitative market research initiatives. ActiveGroup Ventures, Inc., is a division of The MVL Group ( - The Foundation for Informed Decision Making.

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ActiveGroup Ventures, Inc.

ActiveGroup Ventures, Inc.

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About ActiveGroup Ventures, Inc.:
ActiveGroup online products integrate with and enhance traditional qualitative methods, while allowing researchers to Be Anywhere, Research Everywhere

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