B2B International helps global leadership training and education company Berlitz assess leadership training patterns

Berlitz recently commissioned B2B International to conduct an assessment of the market for global leadership training, finding that over two thirds of organizations use an external supplier and that many organizations are over-managed and under-led.

Berlitz recently commissioned B2B International to conduct an assessment of the market for global leadership training, finding that over two thirds of organizations use an external supplier and that many organizations are over-managed and under-led.


May 10, 2013 - Central to the large organization – wherever it may be in the world and whatever its mission – is a group of influential and often inspirational leaders.  The skills of these leaders can include setting initiative, motivating people, effective delegation, establishing principles, and leading by example, all of which indicate the various roles a leader fulfills.
Many organizations tend to be over-managed and under-led, indicating the disparity between management and leadership.  While managers control according to established principles, leaders set new directions and develop teamwork and integration of individual and group goals.  Successful leadership therefore influences both individual and organizational performance.
Leadership becomes all the more challenging when it is required on a global scale as organizations operating internationally comprise teams of highly diverse linguistic, cultural, ethical, religious, and business practice backgrounds.  Thus the successful leader needs to acknowledge, adapt to, and foster cross-cultural integration that underpins global businesses today.  Global leadership has as much to do with human interaction and influence as it does with hierarchy.  
In 2009, Berlitz Corporation launched Global Leadership Training (GLT), a suite of global leadership capability development solutions comprising modular training programs in communication, culture and leadership.  The training is designed to equip individuals and teams at all levels of an organization with the necessary cross-cultural skills, from country-specific negotiation skills to leading global teams, international assignments, repatriation, and transitional coaching, among other programs and courses.  
Berlitz recently commissioned business-to-business market research specialist, B2B International, to conduct a thorough assessment of the market for global leadership training.  The research revealed that of this huge market, only 2% is currently served.  Not surprisingly the US accounts for the largest share.
The research program included a survey of over 600 professionals spanning the US, Brazil, Germany, Japan and China.  The average size of respondent organizations was ca. 7,500 employees globally.  Three quarters of individuals in these organizations interact with colleagues, customers or/and suppliers in another country.  
Japan and Germany show the highest proportions of respondents who have relocated to another country within the past 4 years on behalf of their organization, but employee relocation over the next 2 years is expected to be particularly high in Brazil compared to other markets.
Over two thirds of respondent organizations use an external training supplier of global leadership training.  In this fragmented market, Berlitz was recognized for its known and trustworthy brand and for having global training facilities.  Based on the research findings, the Company is continuing to broaden its range of courses and programs so that they are provided in multiple delivery methods, and with a more customized approach to better suit the needs of the organization and training recipients. 
19 depth telephone interviews with industry experts, desk research, and 609 online interviews with decision-makers and recipients of global leadership training, across the US, Brazil, Germany, Japan and China.
ABOUT BERLITZ (www.berlitz.us)
Berlitz is a global leadership training and education company with a comprehensive portfolio for building communications skills development, global leadership training and customized dynamic solutions for cultural competency, available via multiple delivery platforms.
Berlitz offers a global presence with more than 550 company-owned and franchised locations in more than 70 countries. Clients of Global Leadership Training include the likes of IBM, SAP, AkzoNobel, and PepsiCo. 
ABOUT B2B INTERNATIONAL (www.b2binternational.com)
B2B International is a specialist business-to-business market research consultancy that provides customized business-to-business market research and intelligence studies on a global scale.  In the last decade alone, it has carried out over a thousand studies in almost every industry for corporations, government departments, educational institutions, and healthcare establishments.
With over 30 years’ experience in business-to-business market research, B2B International has built up a portfolio of over 600 clients and has published books, white papers and articles on marketing and market research.  It has offices in three continents: North America, Europe and Asia.  
This content was provided by B2B International. Visit their website at www.b2binternationalusa.com.


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