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Borderless Access Launches Its 11th Panel in South Korea

The Emerging Markets panel specialist adds South Korea to its growing base of online panels in emerging markets.


(March 13, 2013) Borderless Access currently has over 1.2 million panelists in 10 countries - Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan and Turkey.
Dushyant Gupta, SVP, Borderless Access says, “South Korea is one of the most mature e-commerce markets in Asia. With a 100% broadband penetration, 95% accessing via mobile phones, our South Korean panel provides us with an opportunity to target this large base of tech-savvy consumers. The need for a quality sample source in South Korea became apparent from the number of requests we’ve been getting from our clients globally. Our 15,000 member double opt-in panel - 60% of it mobile verified - addresses this demand. “
South Korea is Borderless Access’ fourth panel in Asia and strengthens its presence in key economies in the emerging world.
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Borderless Access has over a decade's experience in providing online panel services in emerging markets.

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