Borderless Access Panels launches mobile app for market researchers

The Emerging Market expert now launches the first ever mobile app for market researchers.

The Emerging Market expert now launches the first ever mobile app for market researchers.

InstaBid app provides instant information on pricing and feasibility related queries for doing online surveys in emerging markets like Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey and many more. This application, available across all major mobile app stores is meant for market researchers involved with international and multi-country researches and need information like sample feasibility, costs and other key aspects at their fingertips.

This app addresses a key need of all client-facing researchers where they struggle to reduce the turnaround time for getting quotes for conducting online survey in hard to reach markets. InstaBid app generates ON DEMAND custom quotes for any online sample studies across 10 emerging markets for a wide range of parameters – cost, sample feasibility, target audience, sample size, length of interview, incidence rate. It can also access the panel book directly to get market related information on the mobile phone itself.

Dushyant Gupta, SVP, Borderless Access says, “Our customers ask the same questions constantly – is this study feasible in Turkey, Brazil and other emerging markets? What about the cost? No matter what the details of the question, it usually takes 24 hours to provide an answer or you need to get on a call immediately, which might not always be feasible. Email is too slow. With InstaBid, we have solved this problem. You no longer have to wait for quotes; they are available to you instantly”

InstaBid is available for free download on iPhone, iPad, Android devices & Blackberry.

Learn more about InstaBid.

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