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Consumer Video Insights as a Conversation Starter

Consumer insights are the foundation for starting a conversation within your organization. Video empowers you to take the stakeholder-consumer relationship to a whole new level.

Using video to communicate within your organization

Taking Your Business Conversations to a Whole New Level


When you think of research, what comes to mind? A text-heavy report? An encyclopedia of data? If that’s the case, it’s not surprising. For years research has been delivered via dense reports that took hours to sort through and were often overwhelming – sometimes complicating the decision-making process, not simplifying it. And what’s the point of research if it delivers confusion, not actionable insights?

Qualitative research should clarify, not confuse. It should tell a story. It should inspire. But most of all, it should start a conversation. Research is the foundation for business strategy today and consumer insights should increasingly be the topic of your key decision-makers’ lunch meetings; board meetings; golf outings – because that is the value of research – empowering your CEO, your internal teams, your stakeholders, to connect with consumers, discuss their insights, and build their business strategy around those insights. It is time to start thinking about research less as an encyclopedia of data, and more as a conversation starter. But how do you go about getting that conversation started? By delivering and sharing the right insights, the right way.

Consumer insights are the foundation for starting a conversation within your organization that centers on your most pertinent business topic – your consumers’ wants and needs. So what do the right consumer insights look like and what makes them so captivating that stakeholders can’t get enough? We believe that when stakeholders can actually watch and listen to consumers with their own senses, as consumers naturally react to their environment, the truth comes through – and who can get enough of the truth?!

As a researcher, it is your role to connect stakeholders with their consumers’ truths. You are responsible, not just for regurgitating the findings to decision-makers, but for immersing them in the findings. And unlike a dense report that requires fresh air and breaks in between chapters, when findings are supported by consumers’ voices and faces, and not a text-heavy page, your stakeholders will find themselves so absorbed in the feedback that they’ll start to feel like they are a part of those moments. And it’s when they truly connect to their consumers that they won’t want or need to take those breaks. Instead, they’ll be glued to their desk as their consumers come to life right before their eyes.

Video empowers you to take the stakeholder-consumer relationship to a whole new level – not just because stakeholders can’t resist the richness of the insights, but also because, by digitizing your data, they can share the most relevant research findings and get other internal players talking. And it’s when people start talking that great ideas are generated.

At the end of the day, true value lies in insights that immerse stakeholders in their consumers’ lives. It is when the data is supported by the voice and face of your consumer that you inspire conversation centered on these consumer insights amongst your stakeholders; your CEO; your internal teams. Only then can you drive creative thinking, ideation, and ultimately better business decisions. And that is what it is all about – making better decisions that set you apart.

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