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Insight: Customer Satisfaction

A look at the process behind a successful Customer Relationship Program.

Why should businesses worry about customer satisfaction? Because the revenue from your Customers is directly related to their level of overall satisfaction.

A survey is often the most effective way to test your Customers' satisfaction, but the real way to actually change their satisfaction goes far beyond an ordinary survey. A Relationship Program, which encourages high level customer participation, Senior Management commitment, and on-going Customer feedback, will build solid relationship and trust while increasing the revenue from your Totally Satisfied Customers.

The secret for creating totally satisfied customers requires two commitments:

  1. Establish an enduring relationship program with your customers.
  2. Become a customer focused company.

What is a "Relationship Program"?
A Relationship Program is a comprehensive process that gathers customer feedback and constructs the framework of ongoing dialog and issue resolution between you and your customers. Its purpose is to identify and address issues before they develop into irreversible problems. By listening to and acting upon the "Voice of the Customer", you build trust and create a more loyal customer base.

What is a Customer Focused Company?
As a customer focused company, you see your business through your customers' eyes. You regularly monitor the value of your value to customers, and continually look for ways to improve. Your major challenge is to ensure a company-wide awareness of customers, and to ensure that the entire company values and understands customers.

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