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Food Insights & Innovation with The Brand Nursery

Dub have been working with The Brand Nursery for over four years, across projects for business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer brands including Tesco, Speedy Equipment Hire and The English Provender. 


Client: The Brand Nursery
Fast turnaround
Engagement of varying  demographics, including older  generations
High level of engagement
Free-finding recruitment
Product: IdeaStream by Dub
A more iterative approach to  qualitative research
The capture of reflective  responses and in-the-moment  data
reater depth of response across  the sample
Better respondent engagement  and interaction
Greater reach from local offices
Breakthrough innovation
The Brand Nursery are brand innovators, helping breathe life into ailing brands and cultivate the seeds of a branded idea. They work with international brands to deliver long-term growth. Find out more about them by visiting 
Dub have been working with The Brand Nursery for over four years, across projects for business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer brands including Tesco, Speedy Equipment Hire and The English Provender. 
The English Provender
Using IdeaStream, and providing qual recruitment, Dub supported The Brand Nursery’s online qual study for The English Provender - a salad dressing manufacturer/brand owner. The aim was to understand current consumer attitudes and dynamics within the sector. 
The study was undertaken over a two week period in the summer of 2010 to coincide with the peak usage of salad dressings, thus enabling 'real-time' experiences to be conveyed. The ongoing nature of the online research community process enabled continued probing and interrogation of consumer responses, as well as the introduction of positioning stimulus that helped us to identify the most credible and appealing proposition for our client's brand. 
Tesco Own-label Sandwiches 
Following the success of The English Provender community, The Brand Nursery ran a second project for a major own label ready meal producer, to explore consumer attitudes towards different ready meal cuisine types offered by one of the UK's leading supermarkets. 
The purpose of this next online research community was to evaluate perceptions of several newer cuisines that had recently been introduced within the stores, understand how they impacted on more established cuisine offerings, and to identify any further opportunities/gaps. The extended nature of the online research community approach meant that The Brand Nursery were able to dedicate discussion streams to fully explore consumer responses to a wide range of issues, and to respond/react to comments and insights. 
A potential new range opportunity that only emerged in the final couple of days of the online research community is now being actively pursued by our client and is likely to lead to significant incremental business with a major retailer.
Speedy Equipment Hire 
A first for The Brand Nursery, this online research community was for a business-to-business supplier to the construction industry. The purpose was to enable them to evaluate the potential for a completely new service offering. 
Again, the iterative nature of the online research community allowed us to fully explore these respondents spontaneous wants and needs for additional services before introducing a series of prompts (covering the service concept, detailed aspects of the service, potential naming/identities and marketing communications). 
The online research community approach also enabled The Brand Nursery to generate a degree of interaction between respondents that would not have been feasible using 'off-line' methodologies, as it would not have been practical to conduct groups with this geographically disparate, busy business audience. As a result of the study, the client is now in the process of launching this new service offering that will represent a real breakthrough within their industry. 
Blue Sapphire 
Blue Sapphire is a California-based food producer. They wanted to explore and understand the potential for their product offering in the UK. The Brand Nursery’s response was to run an online research community over a two week period that began with broad questioning to establish usage and attitudes to the food category within which they operate, before honing down to understand wants/needs and attitudes towards their particular sector. 
The community allowed agency to explore a range of positionings and marketing stimulus (packaging, PR storylines and adcepts), and enabled them to uncover a positioning that very different from that used in the US that reflects the specific attitudes of the UK consumer. 
Aside from the benefits of the length and iterative nature of the online research community, this web-based approach also enabled clients on the US west coast and agency representatives in the UK to log in on a regular basis to witness consumer responses 'as they happened' and to consequently feed new thoughts/questions into the online research community. 
The community methodology also allowed The Brand Nursery’s moderator to access and manage the project from a wide range of locations – office, home, Heathrow Airport and a hotel in San Francisco, as well as from the client's own offices! 
“This would not have been achievable within the more limited time constraints of a more traditional research methodology such as focus group discussions” Chris Blythe, Director. The Brand Nursery

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