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Fueling Global Brand Innovation with Added Value

Dub have been working with Added Value for over three years, developing and enhancing a leading-edge digital insight and innovation tool that helps them to source the latest ideas, insights and opinions from consumers and experts around the world.

Client: Added Value (WPP)
- Innovative tool for strategists
- Global reach
- Generate new product ideas
- Easy-to-use
- Cost-effective
- Scalable
Solution: AV-id
- Winning more pitches
- Increased the top line
- A new digital research culture
- Market-leading position
- Global reach from local offices
- Thought-leadership
Added Value – part of the WPP marketing services group of companies – is the world’s leading brand development and marketing insight company with some 25 offices worldwide and a global client list that spans all categories.
Dub have worked with Added Value for over five years, designing a custom-built community platform to support Added Value’s digital insight and innovation work. The platform - known as AV-id™ - helps Added Value source the latest ideas, insights and opinions from consumers and experts around the world, without the need to bring together contributors – an activity that can prove costly and inefficient.   
AV-id provides a range of data capture and analysis tools including micro-blogs, chat rooms, forums, media-sharing, leader-boards and competitions. It harnesses the very latest online behaviours leading-edge consumers and experts from around the world are using every day in their personal and professional lives. 
Added Value’s consultants and strategists have a powerful moderation toolkit at their disposal via AV-id™’s Admin Centre. As well as allowing them to interact with the community and facilitate lively debate, it allows them to share their thoughts and ideas with other members of the project team in both local and remote offices. This in turn quickly surfaces new concepts for ongoing development, something critical to successful innovation.
Driving Actionable Insight
By inviting members of Added Value’s insight and co-creation communities to take part in structured tasks and activities (qualitative and quantitative), a stream of rich, multimedia insight and consciousness flows. Data visualisation tools such as tag clouds help their team identify trending topics and emergent themes to be investigated.
Idea Generation & Collaboration Innovation
Recognising that traditional research techniques can sometimes be a one-way street, Dub worked closely with Added Value’s team to develop a number of collaborative tasks and techniques aimed at generating and incubating ideas. Cocreation techniques are widely accepted as a new paradigm as brands seek to enhance their innovation capabilities and speed.
Usability, Training & Adoption
Today, most of us use social software in our own private lives, but relatively few are adopting them in the workplace to enhance productivity and, as in this case, delivers greater insight and connectedness.  Knowing this, we worked in partnership with Added Value to develop a rigorous education and adoption program for their staff. It included a series of global webinars and inspiration sessions that run ongoing, and face-to-face workshops and updates. These sessions also provide the opportunity for valuable debate that feeds into the platform’s ongoing development program.
AV-id is being deployed by Added Value each and every week, to engage consumers and experts around the world, in markets including China, North and South America, Spain, Germany, France, Japan, Korean and Italy. 
As well as being used to engage consumers and experts, AV-id is equally at home engaging internal stakeholders – marketers, R&D teams, designers etc – and creating internal innovation communities.
Results of Dub and Added Value’s collaboration include:
  • Scalability without risk
  • Constantly evolving platform, meeting today’s high standards
  • Massive uplift in topline revenue
  • Positioning Added Value as an agency that values innovation
“Dub really listened to our needs and structured something very specific to that. They constantly deliver and the people are great. The team at Dub pull the stops out to find solutions!”
Jonathan Hall, Managing Director, Added Value

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