[Webinar] More Research, Less Resources, No Problem: How John Deere Gets it Done

View the latest webinar recording presented by iModerate and John Deere.

One of the biggest issues facing insights teams and researchers is how to meet increasing project demand with limited resources. In the online research department at John Deere, Jessica Kettler will show you how she gains efficiencies without sacrificing quality through strong partnerships, unique approaches and by shifting the paradigm of the research-client relationship. Through examples presented with trusted partner Jen Drolet of iModerate, you will see how Deere is able to engage their hard-to-reach audiences and deliver the voice of the customer time and again.

Listen and learn:

  • The objectives, challenges and successes of a Fortune 100 insights department.
  • How to gain efficiencies through partnerships and institutional flexibility
  • Examples of how John Deere is able to deliver timely insights to its constituents

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