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mQuest Release 9.0: Mobile survey software now available for Apple iOS devices

cluetec, the specialist for mobile software solutions, launches today a new update of its mobile survey and market research software mQuest®. The release 9.0 marks the next stage of development for the software.

Karlsruhe (Germany), 6 June 2013 – cluetec,  the specialist for mobile software solutions, launches today a new update of its mobile survey and market research software mQuest®. The release 9.0 marks the next stage of development for the software. Central innovation is the migration of the software to the iOS operating system,  which allows mQuest to be used on iPhones, iPads and iPads mini. This step was necessary to meet the demand from the US and Western European countries.

While so far the company's mQuest development efforts have been mainly focused on the Android platform, cluetec has now made its offline-data collection application available for iOS-based devices as well. Mobile surveys and market research can now be conducted on Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini. "From an international perspective, demand for Android-based mobile business solutions in the market research area was historically much higher, because Android devices are much more affordable," says Jan Schöttelndreier, Managing Director at cluetec. "Nevertheless, iPads are also increasingly being used for business purposes in the US and Western Europe. In order to serve these markets more effectively, mQuest software is now also available for Apple devices."

In addition to iOS migration, the mQuest 9.0 release includes the following new features:

  • Interview review: for more convenience, customers now have the option to review, check and, if necessary, correct the conducted interviews on the device - including the change report. This feature is already being used by customers in the Asia-Pacific region, mainly to carry out spot checks on the work of interviewers.
  • Question type free-hand recording: free-hand recording fields can now be integrated in the questionnaire, e.g. to write signatures directly on the device.
  • Read-only in the QuestReport: with the new release 9.0, customers have the option to provide views in the QuestReport and the reporting tool of the mQuest software with the "Read Only" attribute. In this way, researchers  can provide their customers with live insights into the current project.


mQuest® is one of the standard applications in the field of mobile market research. Its customers include more than five of Germany’s top ten market research agencies and numerous well-known industrial firms from all over Europe. mQuest® can be used in any sector and is suitable for a very broad range of both online and offline questionnaires, e.g. face-to-face surveys, diary studies and mystery research. The software was developed especially for mobile use and is compatible with all major mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Both the survey and data collection can take place either on- or offline, so there is no need for an Internet connection, wireless or otherwise. The data collected can be synchronised simply with the entire survey later on. Data can be collected in their entirety and in a structured manner, before immediately being digitally edited, evaluated and presented. Interviews can be enhanced with audio recordings, photos or videos and can be held in several languages, including Chinese, Russian and Arabic.

The new mQuest 9.0 release is now available in the Apple App Store and Android Google Play.

Apple App Store:

Android Google Play: ch_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsImRlLmNsdWV0ZWMubVF1ZXN0U3VydmV5Il0


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cluetec GmbH

cluetec GmbH

Karlsruhe, , Germany
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mQuest® is a leading software solution for mobile, form-based data collection and for questionnaires with mobile end devices, online and offline.

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