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New Crowdsourced Initiative Aims To Find Solutions To Brands’ Unmet Consumer Insight-Related Needs

NEW YORK, NY - April 11, 2013 – Insight Innovation, a platform developed by GreenBook to help the marketing research and consumer insights industry adapt and evolve, has just announced a new initiative that aims to challenge experts and innovators both inside and outside of the market research industry to directly solve brands’ unmet insights needs: the Insight Innovation Challenge.

“A lot of brands have shared with us that they have critical business issues that they can’t adequately address because they can’t find supplier partners that have the right solutions. Their job is to create business impact, not scout through thousands of companies that may or may not help them get the insights they need to help the organization move forward,” said Leonard Murphy, Chief Editor & Principal Consultant, GreenBook. “The market research space is changing fast and becoming increasingly fragmented for a lot of reasons. It’s tough to cut through the clutter and figure out who’s doing what. The Insight Innovation Challenge aims to bridge that gap,” he added.

Insight Innovation has partnered with KL Communications to launch a co-creation site built around a single question: “What’s your most critical insights-related need that is currently NOT being addressed by your suppliers or tools available to you?” Insights and marketing professionals can submit their unmet needs anonymously and/or see the challenges their peers have posted and vote on them at

Once submissions and voting end on April 30th, the Insight Innovation team will take the ten most voted unmet needs and anonymously share them with experts and innovators from both inside and outside of the market research industry to come up with tangible solutions. Their goal is to challenge the global supplier community across many sectors including insights, IT, social media, academia, business intelligence, marketing technology, and others to submit solutions. The most promising solutions to selected challenges will be presented a fast-pitch round at the Insight Innovation eXchange in Philadelphia on June 17th -19th, 2013. All solutions will be published on the Insight Innovation website in June (

“The upcoming Insight Innovation Exchange North America event is built on connecting business with the innovators, disruptors, visionaries and change agents that are redefining business insights. We work with Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Campbell’s, ESPN, Merck, Ericsson, Google, and the European Commission and U.S. Department of State AMP Project to develop an agenda that provides tangible solutions to real business needs. Then, we recruit innovators with the courage to get up on stage, share creative solutions, and get conversations going. The Insight Innovation Challenge is a natural extension of that core format,” Murphy said. “As part of the ‘exchange’ we want to highlight the unmet insight needs of all participating organizations and bring in potential companies that might be able to meet that need. Our ultimate goal is to be the innovation scouts for the brands so they can focus on doing what they do best: moving the needle for the organization,” he added.

Additionally, Insight Innovation has announced that all brands in attendance at the conference will be able to request a face-to-face meeting with suppliers that they consider to best meet their needs. Conference registrations are now open and can be made by visiting

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Insight Innovation

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Insight Innovation explores regional and global cutting-edge innovation in the rapidly evolving, data-driven consumer insights industry.

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