New Study from iModerate details the role of m-Commerce in the new shopping landscape

Research reveals key tips for marketers to successfully address the needs of mobile shoppers.

Research reveals key tips for marketers to successfully address the needs of mobile shoppers.

(Denver, CO) July 12, 2013 – A new study in the Marketplace Insights series from iModerate, a leading qualitative research firm, and uSamp, a premier provider of technology and survey respondents, reveals insights about the role mobile devices are playing in the new shopping landscape for today’s consumer. The findings include consumers’ primary motivations and hurdles regarding m-Commerce as well as insight into how they shop, their device preferences, and what they shop for. As a result of this hybrid research exercise, explicit consumer needs and recommendations surfaced for marketers looking to optimize their m-Commerce strategy. The report is available as a free download from iModerate.
The research showed that despite its growing popularity, barriers to m-Commerce, such as security & functionality are still prevalent. However, for those consumers who have embraced purchasing in this manner, their comfort level in terms of maximum spend on a device was on average 491 dollars. In terms of what m-Commerce consumers are buying, it varies depending on the device. Some of the leading categories are movies, music and games (64% have purchased on their smartphones), and books (60% of consumers have bought them on their tablets). Groceries were also a category that stood out with 26% of consumers having purchased them over a smartphone. This data aligns with the finding that purchasing behaviors are relative to how well a product translates to a particular device.
“The landscape for shopping has changed with the introduction of mobile devices and the tremendous convenience they offer,” said Adam Rossow, Partner and Head of Marketing at iModerate. “Yet, consumers in this study were extremely vocal about what improvements they covet, such as advancements in how products are displayed, in order to inspire them to purchase more. They love being able to shop anytime, anywhere, but they want the shopping experience to be functional, seamless, and easy.” 
While the study showed that consumers embrace m-Commerce for reasons such as convenience, the touch screen operation, and the ability to price compare, their expectations are higher than ever. The qualitative feedback revealed that in order to satisfy their wants and needs in the new shopping landscape, marketers need to focus on fixes that in part create a seamless customer experience, address security concerns through transparency, and prioritize content. 
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The full Marketplace Insights report, which includes additional findings, is available as a free download on the iModerate website. The hybrid study which included 50 one-on-one conversations along with a quantitative questionnaire was completed with consumers at least 18 years old who have browsed or made a mobile purchase. These respondents were sourced from Usamp.

About iModerate 
iModerate Research Technologies is a leading qualitative market research firm with a distinct approach to uncovering the most meaningful insights. Based in Denver, Colorado and founded in 2004, iModerate is known for pioneering and championing the online one-on-one. With over 100,000 conversations to our credit, and an in-depth knowledge of how consumers think and behave, we have helped countless organizations obtain the insights that matter most to them. 
About Usamp
uSamp, the fastest growing company in the Market Research Industry, is a premier provider of technology and survey respondents used to obtain consumer and business insights. uSamp's leading- mobile technology and SaaS platform transform the way companies gain intelligence to make better, faster decisions about their products and services by tapping into uSamp's 12 million member global panel of survey respondents. Through uSamp's proprietary technologies for self-serve sampling and survey authoring, companies have on-demand access to millions of profiled survey respondents. uSamp is based in Los Angeles, with five offices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. The company has more than 200 team members worldwide. uSamp was No. 213 on the 2012 Inc. 500|5000 exclusive ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies and is recognized on the 2011 and 2012 Forbes' America's Most Promising Companies list. 
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