[Webinar] How to Turn a Tidal Wave of Online Qual Data into Amazing Insights

Join us Thursday March 15, 2018 to get clearer insights and strategies on your qual data that ultimately allows better interactions with your clients. Can't make it? Don't worry, we send a recording link to all registrants.

We all understand the value of online qualitative research. But, we also know that these studies produce a lot of data that we then must analyze and turn into razor sharp strategic insights. It can be a daunting task.

In this brisk and informative webinar, Jim White, Founding Partner at Reality Check Consulting will join Aha! CEO Ray Fischer to share proven approaches gained from conducting hundreds of online studies for the world's biggest brands. Jim and Ray will give you tips for designing effective studies, and then show you how to analyze the resultant data and turn it into more powerful insights and strategies.

The result will be less time writing your reports, clearer insights and strategies, and ultimately better presentations to your clients.

Register now! This webinar will take place on Thursday, March 15th at 1PM EST, and will cover:

  • Approaches to study design with the report in mind
  • Activities for connecting on a deeper, visual, and more emotional human level
  • Innovative methods and approaches for analyzing data more efficiently
  • Converting your analysis into concise and supportable strategic recommendations
  • Tips for comparing and contrasting data to illuminate similarities and differences amongst respondents and segments


 Ray Fischer, CEO, Aha! — The strategic online qual platform 

Ray is a pioneer and innovator in the online qualitative research space.  In his roles as a brand marketer, ad agency guy, and consumer insights strategist, Fischer has experienced the impact of technology on consumer and marketing research first hand.  Working with a team of marketing research and technology experts, Fischer led the development and launch of Aha! resulting in a comprehensive suite of dynamic respondent methods and activities that deliver deeper, strategic human insights.

 Jim White, Founding Partner, RealityCheck Consulting

Jim White has 20+ years of experience in consumer insights, marketing and brand strategy. He started his professional career as a newspaper reporter and, in many ways, has never stopped thinking like a journalist. He still digs “to find the story.” He believes that good research, like good reporting, is about finding “the lead” — that single most important insight — and conveying it in a simple yet compelling narrative.


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