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[WEBINAR] Prediction Market Based Volume Forecasting

View the webinar recording to hear speakers from Consensus Point and Top Box Associates share findings on how Prediction Market research can be used directly or adapted in order to perform volumetric forecasting.

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  • Consensus Point
  • August 28 2016 1 PM - 2 PM

Prediction Markets were introduced as a new methodology to the market research industry around 2008, but they still are considered by many to be an “emerging” method. While they have been shown to be very accurate in predicting market, category, and industry trends as well as future consumer behavior, little actual R&D has been done by suppliers to validate results versus traditional methods.

To remedy this lack of validation, Consensus Point, a Prediction Market Research company, and Top Box Associates, a new product volumetric forecasting company, have entered into a joint R&D effort aimed at deriving a valid way of using Prediction Market metrics to be used as inputs for new product sales volume forecasting.

View the webinar recording to hear how Prediction Markets can benefit you throughout the new product and commercial innovation process from discovery to post-launch success predictions.  

View the webinar recording. You will: 

  • Learn how to leverage Prediction Markets for faster and more accurate results over traditional surveys
  • Learn how to utilize Prediction Market likelihood scores every bit as effectively as PI scores in creating a forecast
  • Gain confidence in using Top Box Associates forecasts as a replacement for other suppliers without sacrificing accuracy or speed while saving budget dollars


John Barrett
Vice President 
Consensus Point

John Barrett is the Vice President of Sales at Consensus Point and a deeply experienced marketing researcher with both quantitative and qualitative credentials. John has over 20 years of successful client service and business development experience at companies such as Nielsen, IRI, and Pepsi. His research experiences cut across multiple verticals including CPG, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, TelCom, and Consumer Durables. John’s goal is to be able to design and implement solutions which drive maximum value and relevance within his client base.

John received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University in Boston and has done Graduate work at Rutgers.

Brad Marsh
Consensus Point

Brad Marsh is the Chief Executive Officer at Consensus Point and brings over 20 years of executive experience leading client service, marketing, analytic, and product teams. Prior to Consensus Point, he served as Chief Marketing Officer and head of client service for Directions Research, Executive Vice President - Consumer Sector and Areas of Expertise for TNS North America, and Senior Vice President of Global Accounts for NFO WorldGroup. Over the course of his career, Brad has worked closely with clients in packaged goods, technology, financial services, retail, restaurant, and healthcare industries. Brad continues to be driven by his passion to help his clients and his teams lead the industry with new methods and capabilities. His experience in front and back-end innovation, brand health, communications, shopper marketing, and customer experience, provides a great foundation to help agencies and brands integrate prediction market research into their arsenal of predictive tools. 

Ken Sobel
Top Box Associates

Ken Sobel, is the founder and President of Top Box Associates. Ken has spent his 30+ year career delivering business solutions to his clients based on advanced analyses and forecasting. Ken founded Top Box Associates at the beginning of 2010. Prior to that, he also founded FYI in 1991, which evolved and grew into one of the leading forecasting companies globally. FYI was acquired by NFO WorldGroup in early 2002 and through it, TNS in 2003, WPP/Kantar in 2008, and Kantar Health 2009. With the founding of Top Box Associates, Ken brings forecasting services to the broader marketing research community. Ken holds a master's degree from Harvard University and an undergraduate engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University.


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