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[Webinar] Winning at “Duty Free”: Using Behavioral Economics Levers To Influence the Travel Retail Shopper

Learn how to become more successful in the travel retail channel.

The Duty Free channel is a rapidly growing and highly profitable channel. This is fueled by a growing segment of young, wealthy global travelers.  While it represents an enormous opportunity for luxury marketers across many categories (beauty, fragrance, spirits, fashion, chocolate, etc.), competition is fierce from global brands and emerging local brands.

In this free webinar, PRS IN VIVO shares insights gathered from observation and in-depth interviews with travel retail shoppers, conducted across many global airports (London, Dubai, Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore among others).  

Scott Young (Global CEO, PRS IN VIVO) and Yeeli Lee (Vice President and Managing Director, PRS IN VIVO) speak to:  

  • The incoming shopper mindset and key differences by region and gender
  • The shopping experience at Duty Free and learning uncovered by eye-tracking of shopper journeys
  • Common mistakes made by many luxury retailers and opportunities to improve conversion at duty free

In addition, they discuss why behavioral economics holds the key to truly understanding travel retail and driving fundamental changes in shopping behavior.


Scott Young
Global CEO

Scott Young is the Global CEO of PRS IN VIVO, a company that conducts over 1000 research studies annually to help marketers “win at retail” in-store and online. In addition to advising clients, Scott is a frequent speaker at marketing, research, and design industry conferences and a guest lecturer at Wharton, Notre Dame, and other universities. Scott is the author of two books: Winning at Retail and Starting with the Shopper.  He also writes regularly for industry publications, including Brand Packaging, Quirk’s Marketing Research, and The Design Management Journal.

Yeeli Lee
Vice President and Managing Director

Yeeli is responsible for managing the PRS IN VIVO Asia business, which includes a team of about 30 professionals based in Shanghai, China and Singapore. She is passionate about helping clients “win” online and offline, with a focus on developing new services and growing new verticals. Yeeli obtained her MBA from The Wharton School of Business, and holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.  In addition to advising clients on their packaging, innovation, category management and in-store investment initiatives, she is a course facilitator for Professor David Rogers Executive Education Course: ‘Digital Marketing: Customer Engagement, Social Media, Planning and Analytics’ at the Columbia Business School.

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