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[Webinar] Big Data or Big Hype?

Hear it straight from Big Data pros

One of the most hyped topics in the worlds of marketing, technology, and consumer insights is Big Data. Join our panel of experts for a discussion that's going to clear the hype away. Gain a real perspective on the subject and a better understanding of what Big Data can deliver today.

  • Michael Wolfe, Bottom Line Analytics
  • David Johnson, Decooda
  • Greg Pharo, AT&T
  • David Weinberger, Customer Centric Strategy


Our distinguished panelists offer clear views on:

  • The business drivers and ROI of Big Data investment
  • Actual use cases, success stories, and who’s doing it today
  • The role of analytics in turning big data into insights


Company profile

Insight Innovation

Insight Innovation

New York, New York, United States of America
(212) 687-3280
About Insight Innovation:
Insight Innovation explores regional and global cutting-edge innovation in the rapidly evolving, data-driven consumer insights industry.

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