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[Webinar Recording] Accuracy Case Study: Panels vs. SurveyWalls

View the recording to find out if monetary incentives of panels could lead to bad data.

  • The webinar is Presented by GreenBook and

  • Survata
  • August 16 2018 2 PM - 3 PM

Survata will reveal the results of two market research studies (1 CPG, 1 Apparel) collected across both a panel and a SurveyWall to see which method offers better accuracy. Digital publishers want to monetize their content, and a simple SurveyWall can easily replace a paywall and allow consumers to access the premium content they desire by answering survey questions. Unlike traditional panels where survey respondents are compensated, a SurveyWall is a cashless transaction that can benefit the researcher, the survey respondent, and the digital publisher.

View the recording today. You will: 

  • Understand the difference between an in-person panel and online SurveyWalls
  • Review the results of a study to see which method yields better accuracy
  • Understand how different incentive systems can affect data quality

We will answer these questions:

  • How do SurveyWalls differ from other offer walls?
  • Can you determine feasibility of sample from a SurveyWalls vs. panel?
  • Since there is no incentive, is pricing the same as other panel companies?  


  Dyna Boen, President, Market Research, Survata

Dyna is the President of Market Research at Survata, a brand intelligence and technology company. She is an entrepreneur, strategist, and team builder with over 15 years of experience working across the market research industry supply chain. In 2017, she was listed as one of the top influencers in her niche (mobile market research). Her skill set spans sales, marketing, client service, product development, and research methodologies.


  Thomas Benedict, Head of Business Development, Survata

Thomas joined Survata in 2016 to help the company grow it’s Market Research and Ad Measurement businesses via strategic partnerships and technical integrations. Passionate to help clients utilize Survata’s declared data, Thomas spearheads development of new applications and distribution channels. Thomas honed his relationship management and development skills as a banker at JP Morgan and founder/CEO at LINK prior to joining Survata. Thomas graduated from Georgetown University and received his MBA from Thunderbird.


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