[Webinar Recording] How a Modern Methodology Leads to Better Data Quality

View the recording to learn How a Modern Methodology Leads to Better Data Quality.


Consumer behavior and technology are constantly evolving, and traditional survey methodologies have stumbled in an effort to evolve with them. Data quality has suffered as a result. This was abundantly clear during recent political events when inaccurate predictions were made about the outcomes of the 2016 US Presidential Election, Brexit, and others. Failure to connect with representative samples of the voting population led to poor quality results, and ultimately inaccurate forecasts.

However, researchers who used Organic Sampling, a modern sampling methodology that sits on upon a delivery framework known as Random Device Engagement, were able to correctly predict these outcomes—before a ballot was cast. This methodology provides more accurate insights at scale across multiple industries, and some researchers have stated that it could be the “future of market research.”

In this webinar, we will discuss the shifts that have compromised data quality in market research and introduce an entirely new sampling methodology that overcomes these issues. We’ll also discuss how MRA’s, panels and brands can leverage this methodology to reach 500M+ mobile consumers.

View the recording today:  You will:

  • Discover how changes in consumer behavior and technology have impacted the data quality of online panels, RDD, and other traditional methodologies.
  • Learn why Organic Sampling Methodology is successful in gathering the highest quality data from the most representative populations.
  • Explore how Organic Sampling can be leveraged to provide insights at scale, offering a faster, and more cost-effective way of conducting broad research across many industries.


  Kyle Gollins, Vice President, Sales, Pollfish

Kyle Gollins is the Vice President of Sales at Pollfish, heading up the client development team to advocate and distribute the next-generation survey solutions to researchers and businesses. Kyle has been a leader in the market research industry for nearly 18 years, with past experience leading two client verticals for Research Now and focused on ad measurement solutions at InsightExpress. He holds a B.A. in Communication from the State University of New York at Albany.

  Anna Pezzulli, Director of Business Development,Pollfish

Pollfish Director of Business Development, Anna Pezzulli, brings over 10 years of experience in insights and data analysis, where she has established herself as an expert in connecting research goals with technological solutions to drive high-quality insights. With a long running background serving agency and media clientele, Anna now manages a high-performing team in Pollfish's NYC headquarters office, as well as an impressive portfolio of clients including Microsoft, McCann, and Glossier.


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