[Webinar Recording] How Online Consumers Shop Amazon in the US: A Behavioral Data Combination Case

View the recording to learn how to improve consumer knowledge by leveraging online behavioral data.

Online clickstream data is the newest behavioral data source that many in the industry are adding to their arsenal. But, some researchers remain perplexed on exactly how to leverage behavioral data. That is where this webinar comes in. We will show you how Colourtext, in partnership with Netquest, utilized behavioral data to gain better information from surveyed panelists.

This webinar will focus on the importance of combining data sources in today’s market research industry. Stand-alone data is a thing of the past. Now that we are able to capture multiple sources of data, it’s time to combine all of the information to gain a richer understanding of today’s consumer. At Netquest, our current goal is to educate the industry on the value of capturing online data and combining it with more traditional methods.

In this webinar, we will examine a use case about how Colourtext combined the power of Netquest online clickstream data with traditional surveys to discover how US consumers behave on Amazon. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a step ahead of the competition with this revolutionary new data source.

Register today.  We will cover:

  • How online consumers in the United States interact with Amazon
  • An applicable example of how to implement data combinations
  • Benefits and fundamentals of utilizing behavioral data 


  Gil Oliveira, Behavioral Data Manager, Netquest

Gil, United States Behavioral Data Manager, joined Netquest after graduating from Princeton University with a degree in Chemical & Biological Engineering. Currently focused on introducing Netquest’s international online consumer data to the US Market, he is the resident expert on behavioral data and responsible for behavioral data research projects.

  Jay Steffey, Vice President of New Business, Netquest

Jay currently runs the New Business team for Netquest in North America looking to drive adoption of Behavioral Research across all aspects market research. He has been in the MR space for 5 years, with an expertise in panel and sample, working with both traditional and programmatic sampling platforms. He holds a bachelor's degree in Marketing from Wake Forest University and an MBA from Rollins College.


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