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[Webinar Recording] How Agile Market Research Powers Growth and Innovation

Find out how start-ups use agile research.

  • The webinar is Presented by GreenBook

  • August 22 2019 1 PM - 2 PM

Startups and high-growth companies of all sizes have quickly embraced the “innovate or die” philosophy, revolutionizing global business—and traditional market research—in the process.

Marketers and insights professionals find themselves at the frontlines of this innovation revolution. They need methods that enable them to move fast in the face of ever-changing markets and industries. The days of commissioning a market research study and waiting weeks for its results are long gone.

How can these professionals embrace startup culture every day and become an engine for growth and innovation within their organizations?

The answer is agile market research, the implementation of agile methodology (typical of software development) within DIY market research programs.

Using agile market research, marketing and insights teams are able to move much faster than before, develop a sharply-focused research process, help their companies innovate successfully, and deliver high-growth results.

View the recording. This webinar will explore:

  • How marketers and insights professionals are embracing startup culture
  • How companies adopt agile DIY market research successfully
  • How you can drive growth and innovation in your organization

Join us to discover how agile market research can power your organization today!


  Morgan Molnar, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, SurveyMonkey

Morgan has always been curious about what makes consumers behave the way they do. She has a Master’s degree in Applied Sociology and started her career at Nielsen doing marketing effectiveness analytics and consulting for P&G. After various supplier-side analytics and research roles, she found herself gravitating towards marketing. She now leads product marketing and insights for SurveyMonkey’s fastest growing business unit, SurveyMonkey Audience.


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