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[Webinar Recording] How to Use AI to Go Beyond the "What" and Understand the "Why" in Research

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It is not uncommon today to have access to a plethora of data - clicks, email opens, purchases, behavioral, demographic, and even biometric data are all readily available. Major advancements have been made in understanding this quantitative data quickly and effectively, but this data often answers only the "What" and not the "Why" behind consumer actions. Join us as Remesh CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Konya describes how AI is allowing researchers to understand the "Why" at scale with emerging qualitative methodologies that are an absolute must for your 2019 research strategy.

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  • Discover current and emerging qual methodologies that implement AI to understand the "Why" in research
  • Learn why this matters and how it can impact a company's output and competitive edge
  • Learn how to incorporate scalable, AI-driven qual into your agile 2019 research strategy


  Andrew Konya,CEO and Co-Founder

Born and raised in Cleveland, Andrew was working on ways to apply supercomputing to physics problems as a student at Kent State University when he developed a fascination for the human mind and shifted his focus to artificial intelligence. Since then Andrew has spent the past 8 years developing and applying artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to problems in material science, bio-sensing, image analysis, and language. In his free time he writes music, makes art, and works with the United Nations in applying AI to peacekeeping operations.


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