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[Webinar Recording] TLDR – Improving the Communication of Insights to Stakeholders

View the recording to learn how to transform your stakeholder insight communication with Keen as Mustard and Coca-Cola’s great internal communication experiment.

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To be successful, we need to get impact from our insights. But client-side knowledge and insights teams are struggling to communicate to wider stakeholders. With this in mind, Coca-Cola partnered with Keen As Mustard Marketing to carry out The Great Communication Experiment in order to understand which insights communications have most impact. Lucy Davison, founder and MD at Keen as Mustard will present the findings from the experiement and give guidance on how insight teams can have impact with stakeholders.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • Engaging stakeholders with insights doesn’t have to be difficult; small, simple changes can make a huge difference
  • Which communication methods gain highest traction with internal stakeholders
  • How to optimize subject lines to generate curiosity and increase open rates


  Lucy Davison, Managing Director, Keen as Mustard

Lucy Davison has over 30 years experience in B2B marketing & branding. She founded Keen as Mustard Marketing in 2006 with the vision of providing data, research and insight companies and insight clients superb marketing. Pre Mustard, Lucy worked at Research International as global marketing director for 7 years. And prior to RI, she worked as a marketing and PR consultant with several leading brand, design and marketing agencies. When not travelling she lives in London and Somerset. Her first degree was in English Literature, her second in Landscape Architecture. She is a sought after speaker on communications and marketing and has contributed to several leading publications including The Financial Times, Marketing Week and The International Journal of Brand Management.


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