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[Webinar Recording] Market Research is Ready for AI - Are You?

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Artificial intelligence has landed in the market research world, but as more vendors claim to have AI capabilities it seems as if the true definition of AI has been lost.

Automation and high frequency don’t necessarily mean AI, and AI itself isn’t magic. It’s the workhorse that enables researchers with tons of data to better understand and act on insights derived from consumer behavior.

Join Dstillery’s Director of Analytics, Gilad Barash, as he demystifies AI for market research. He’ll explore how big data can enrich your research by uncovering unique, and sometimes surprising insights about who your customers are.

He’ll also be joined by Rick Kelly, Senior Vice President of Product and Research at Fuel Cycle, to discuss enriching community-based research with observed behavioral insights which paints a much more detailed picture of consumer interests, preferences, and intent. You’ll walk away with an understanding of how a 360-degree view of current and potential customers can better position your company to compete for consumer attention in highly competitive markets.

Register today.  In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What AI means in market research and how big data has become the fuel for marketing AI
  • How we marry behavioral and primary research data to bridge the qualitative/quantitative gap and drive true business outcomes
  • How Custom AI Audiences gives market researchers real-time activation at your fingertips


  Gilad Barash, Director of Analytics, Dstillery

Gilad Barash, Director of Analytics, has been driving innovative work on the data science and analytics team at Dstillery for over five years. He previously worked at a Fashion-Tech startup and held various roles at HP, including Research and Engineering at HP Labs Israel. As a research assistant at Tufts, he worked to improve personalized healthcare. He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from San Diego State University.  

  Rick Kelly, SVP of Products & Research, Fuel Cycle

Rick Kelly is SVP of Products & Research at Fuel Cycle. Rick has extensive research experience focused on using new technology to capture data and create meaningful insights. He's worked and lived in the UK, Ireland, and India as well as several US states. MS in Political Science from Utah State University and an MBA from The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.







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