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[Webinar Recording] Proving the ROI of CX: How Greyhound Turned Customer Feedback into Buy-In & Results

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Many CX professionals struggle securing the stakeholder alignment required to turn their insights into action. Learn how Matthew Schoolfield overcame these challenges, re-focused his frontline and executive teams on the customer, and secured buy-in on initiatives that increased NPS by 20 points.

We'll cover the short and long-term strategies Matthew used to turn his vision for customer focus into reality - and results. Special attention will be given to the "stakeholder journey" and how to win support for CX with executives. We'll also focus on both the importance and limitations of AI and technology in connecting CX to ROI.

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  • The 5 steps Matt used to keep stakeholders focused on the customer experience
  • How your survey design and analysis can hide or highlight what customers really want
  • Why you NEED a “beachhead metric” and other counterintuitive strategies for generating buy-in



Matthew Schoolfield, Manager of Customer Insights & Commercial Analytics, Greyhound Lines

Matthew Schoolfield is the Manager of Commercial Analytics for Greyhound Lines, where he leads the analytics and insights efforts for Greyhound. Matthew’s organization has responsibility for insights generation related to all customer and marketing related data. Additionally, Matthew’s team leads customer identification and segmentation efforts for the organization.

Matthew previously spent several years with American Airlines, and has both a bachelors and MBA from Texas Christian University.


Alyona Medelyan, PhD, CEO, Thematic

Alyona Medelyan, PhD is the CEO of Thematic, an AI-driven customer insights solution backed by YCombinator that improves CX through insights from customer feedback. Customers include Manpower, Vodafone, CBRE, and AtomBank. Alyona holds a PhD in Natural Language Processing and has authored over 25 peer-reviewed publications. She frequently speaks at Data Science, AI and CX conferences.

She lives in San Francisco with her husband (and co-founder) Nathan Holmberg, as well as their two children.















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